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  • Dirty Little Angels on Feb. 15, 2011

    A look through a dirty window into the life of a family without morals. A poison so common in our current society. Dirty Little Angels is narrated in the first person by Hailey a 16 year old seemingly typical teenager from a Southern town in New Orleans. Hailey has a good heart and is just beginning to step out and be part of the crowd. However this crowd consists of her promiscuous and plastic girlfriend Meridian, and her brothers friends. One of them a seedy twisted man named Moses. Moses is a nut case with off the wall religious beliefs who has delusions of opening up a drive through church in a run down bank. More than once Hailey tags along with her brother and Moses only to get entangled in a web of violence. Hailey's dysfunctional family consists of a distant mother who is wrapped up in her own depressive state, while her father uses alcohol to drown out his responsibilities, unemployment and his distant wife. Hailey seems to look for love and attention in the wrong way and loses her virginity to her girlfriends loser boyfriend. She finds solace in two people a man who is dying and her diabetic aunt. Sadly I found this story very realistic. As so many parents are wrapped up in their own lives and fail to reach out to their children and teach them morals. I believe Tusa used this setting to bring to realization the fact that life is what you make of it and environment has more influence on your people lives than you think. The ending I found surreal however Hailey was protecting one of the most important people in her life, her brother. Which shows that love can be possible even in a dysfunctional family.