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  • Something Like Summer on Jan. 16, 2011

    I have just ended reading this nice new novel from Jay Bell and... I am going to buy more books from this guy immediately! :) The novel is very easy to read, the story just floats in front of your eyes and creates more and more magical moments. It is a gay romance which in it's start resembles the movie "Get Real" quite strikingly, however it sheds the 90's feel of angst and self-pity of it somehow and works subsequently with characters maturing and changing over time. All but the main character. It feels to me that Ben is the only guy who is more or less stuck in this unsure self even that he proves to be more and more reliable and stronger than we would think in the first place. I will not go into the details of the plot but the novel stretches several years - which is great and provides a larger canvas for the author - it seems that the author got more and more bored with the book in the end. The last several chapters are quite comprised and fast-paced. I would have certainly wanted this to go on a bit longer. Nevertheless it is a great read. Overall - I can only recommend this book and hope that there is movie coming up soon based on this! :D
  • Language Lessons (gay romance) on May 18, 2011

    Jay Bell being currently one of the writers to watch closely - there is a reason I have read all he has written so far, I was eager to read this next little sexy short story of his. To my surprise, maybe due to different expectations, I felt more or less disturbed about the beginning of this story. Somehow it did not feel plausible, realistic - mostly due to a faulty characterization of the lead character. Only throughout the short story the magic of Jay's writing gets out - as if he also would only then find a way how to deal with Joey and provides him with a realistic narration. By that moment however you will be hooked! The story develops, the main character gets more an more interesting and you will be eager to read till the end if they really lived happily ever after... and though the story does not depict such a time frame and leaves the future unanswered Jay Bell stays true to his pink-colored world with little stress involved. Do not understand me wrong - I loooove his style and we all need some romance from time to time but I would also wish for more elaborate and ambivalent storytelling. A piece where he dares to go beyond the obvious and happy. Oh well, do not listen to my rumbling... buy the short story! :) It is worth it and a great little read for a lonely night...