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Smashwords book reviews by blessedlissa

  • KILTED DESIRE - Sands of Betrayal on Sep. 04, 2011

    Kilted Desire, Sands of Betrayal by first time author A.B. McKinley is a wonderfully enjoyable romp through the battlefield that is love! Main character, Scott, a former member of British Special Forces, already having suffered disaster in his life, many times over, meets beautiful, single mom Katie and sparks fly. But will their love endure Scott’s next hair raising adventure? Full of steamy romantic interludes, breathtaking tension, and surprises, this book is a rip-roaring, adventure packed page turner, and a guilty pleasure for romance and adventure lovers alike. Kilted Desire is a perfect beach read, a bit like a box of chocolates… full of surprises; which lovely scintillating flavor will you pop in your mouth next? Could you use a little inspiration in the bedroom with YOUR manly man? This is a book that you MIGHT be able to get your man to read out loud to you for some fun before bed!!! All my girlfriends highly recommend page 83 for inspiration the next time a little couple’s time is imminent! I would love to hear the story touched on in the forward as well! Scott’s adventures pre-Katie were very intriguing… how did he conquer all his former obstacles to get to her? Could a pre-quel be in the making? I couldn’t put it down and just had to find out what happened next for Katie and Scott. Would their love survive each new roadblock? From Iraqi insurgents, to ex-husbands, to looming foreclosures, this couple’s romance is constantly under attack and in peril! Could ANY man resist 6 months in a hotel room with a beautiful woman intent on having him? Can Katie manage to overcome her financial difficulties and get that divorce so she and Scott can live happily ever after? Get the book! It’s a VERY satisfying read.