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  • Romancing The Voters on May 30, 2013

    Fred Schnaubelt cuts through the BS and explains the silly side of politics (campaigning) while revealing how dangerous the serious side of politics (governing) is today. He reveals how politicians have figured out how to play "Santa Claus" and "buy" votes by making ridiculous promises. God help us because some of them actually keep those ridiculous promises. A champion of the limited government movement, Fred offers a centuries old remedy for that which ails us--- constitutionally constrained government. This is an easy read. It's entertaining, each topic is relatively short, and Fred's writing style is easy to understand. Buy this book
  • Taking the Shadow Inventory out of the Shadows on Aug. 21, 2013
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    Marc Gold does an excellent job of explaining the sometimes arcane mortgage business in layman's terms. He outlined how the "crash" happened, the opportunities available for investors today, and offers profitable solutions. Investing in mortgages and trust deeds is really quite simple but industry folks often act as gatekeepers to those investments. Mr. Gold lays out the opportunities, explains who the players are, and shows readers how to buy distressed mortgage debt for pennies on the dollar. Mortgage/trust deed investments aren't for everyone and the process isn't easy. Mr. Gold educates people to see the profit potential while pulling back the curtain on industry opacity
  • Taking the Shadow Inventory out of the Shadows on Aug. 22, 2013

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