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  • From Man to Man on Oct. 15, 2012

    You know you've found a good book when the words paint a picture in your head. You know you've found a great book when those words come alive and physically carve that picture into your brain with a blood encrusted dagger! Draven has tried his hand at almost every job in the village but the only one that comes easily to him is that of the log splitter, he hacks apart his wooden foes and pockets his meagre pay... but when the opportunity of some work comes his way; work that comes to him as easily as breathing, old memories surface and the shadow of his old life threatens to engulf him once again, as reluctant as he is; he needs the money and 'any coin's a coin'. Emrys writes with the sort of momentum that keeps you devouring the pages and demanding more, a thoroughly impressive d├ębut boasting a level of quality and a truly visceral talent for telling stories that will doubtless see his work flying from the shelves in years to come.