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Lee Groberg (Groberg Communications), utilized Journey of Promise: West from Sempringham by Charles W. Allen, for the idea for his PBS documentary, Faith & America’s Founders (Spring 2012). This TV special details the importance and uniqueness of the more than 150 years between the Pilgrim landing in 1620 and the Revolutionary period of our national history. For some reason, this period of history has gone largely unnoticed by most Americans.
Charles W. Allen has been doing historical research since the mid-1970s when he became involved in research projects for a large western university. During that time, he became intensely interested in researching his own early American beginnings and writing about what he discovered. Charles discovered that he descended directly from more than 50 families that came to America during the Great Migration of 1630-1640. In his quest to find details about each ancestor's life, the unique panorama of the New England Puritan and Puritan life began to unfold. He soon found that many historians and authors during the past nearly two centuries had stereotyped the Puritans into something that they were not. Over time Americans in general have adopted the same thinking. The Puritans were dedicated, serious, and determined in their religious belief, and as such, have been branded in a negative context. Charles found that they lived somewhat normal lives for frontier conditions and had many heart-warming and humorous experiences, as well. He discovered that the Puritans lived well-rounded lives, much like any other people of the past and present day. When we make judgments about a people exclusively from their religious beliefs without delving into their daily experiences and personalities, we will always judge them as eccentric and unyielding and that they lack any of the usualness of typical life. Religious beliefs are presented in absolutes: good versus evil, etc., and as such, leave very little room for in between consideration.
In 1990 Charles was invited to speak at Harvard University and to represent their founding president, Henry Dunster, who is Charles's seventh great-grandfather. It was the 350th anniversary of President Dunster's appointment in 1640. It was a special and once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Further research led Charles to discover that Massachusetts Bay Colony governor Thomas Dudley, his eighth great-grandfather, wrote his will shortly before his death in 1653 and addressed a short statement: to "my posterity." Charles received the "personal message" 338 years later and considered it to be a special and essential experience that helped him significantly to understand the warm and personal side of these early pioneers—especially his ancient family.
After more than 25 years of research and writing historical reports, Charles published Journey of Promise: West from Sempringham, a history of 18 centuries of events from the first century A.D. to the Puritan era in England and New England, and, ultimately, the founding of the United States. It includes the Puritans coming to America and the profound effect this had on the beginning of our nation. The book is written from the vantage point that Charles has of in-depth family understanding and sensitivity. Journey of Promise addresses the question: "Was the United States formed for a divine purpose as many of our Founding Fathers believed?” Charles presents 18 centuries of connected and correlated experiences and leaves it to the reader to decide the answer for himself.
Charles is the father of six children. Three passed away as well as his first wife, Sue, after 40 years of marriage. Charles is married to his current wife, Debbie, and is the stepfather of five wonderful children.
Other books written by Charles W. Allen include: Children of Courage (2002), Window Maker (2002, 2007), The Gif: A True Story of Life, Death, and Trust (2006), and Out of Captivity (2008).

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