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Smashwords book reviews by Calvin

  • Lovestruck Succubus on Dec. 05, 2010

    Ok, I admit, when I 1st started the book and read the 1st few chapters I almost stopped reading it. It seemed like the "life force" plot was going to go on forever. Then, all of a sudden you learn what all that was about! The author had to include all that in order to make the reader understand what what was coming and why. And boy did he ever! What a surprise and well written story! Although there is a lot of erotica in the beginning of the book, you soon realize the sex isn't there just for the sex. It's a type of erotica like I've never read before and having a hard time explaining, even now! One soon realizes this is not just another sifi erotica. Once you get into the story, you'll not want to put it down! Ellison James develops a very good sifi/erotica/romance/mystery/detective story that I highly recommend! It's all those books rolled into one, interweaving two worlds together with their own compelling characters playing their part. Start the book, give the story a chance to develop, then hang on! Two thumbs up for this 1st book by Ellison James!