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I'm a former cook/chef/server (many years before it was exploited & glamorized) at Southern California restaurants It is true that "love" has a lot to do if the food is good or not. If you see a bored/stressed kitchen atmosphere, best to eat somewhere else. If you see a couple of drunk Mexicans having fun drinking and laughing in the kitchen, why didn't you come in and say, "Hi"?

Went to LACC for film and was 1 of 3 nominees to get short film screened for public viewing.

I play bass, geetar and love my DR-5 drum sequencer.

I'm in a band called "Insert" we got some play on KXLU and even hosted a show a couple times.

Have written many short stories laying around my apartment but am now trying to get my stories exposed to others.

Been a skateboarder for like 30 years now growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Was a veg-head for 4 years but would eat meat if I killed it myself such as fishing, although I also included dumpster diving for various meats which is actually how I stopped being a veg-head because I was broke and eating outta trash cans...

I do enjoy filming shorts but it's a pain to get everyone together to have fun that will be DOCUMENTED for all too see! I just don't get why people gotta have so much drama involved with having fun, pick up a camera and SHOOT! Hence why I'm more into writing at this moment since the only peeps I have to deal with are in my head although they too can get distracting.

I believe in writing and film that we as creators have to push the envelope that "Hollywood" won't. I love foreign films because they are usually uncensored and think about the art before the money$.

I'm not here to say I'm a great writer by any means, I just want to get people to read my interpretations of how I see life in reality/unreality and give me a sense of actually belonging here.

Thanks for reading, I may update this from time to time, who knows. Contact me any time, good or bad criticism will only make me try harder and to be more unique.

Time for a drink, salud!

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When did you first start writing?
My first writing that I can recall is from the 2nd grade in 1982 at Jefferson Elementary in Redondo. It was titled, "How the tiger lost his stripes". That's the year after I had seen the Cincinnati Bengals for the first time and they beat my Rams, I've been a fan ever since. I still have the book to this day and when I read through it, it makes me laugh because I lied about when it was written and published (1975).
Who are your favorite authors?
Bukowski, Orwell, Bradbury, Robert Anton Wilson, Hunter S. Thompson, Salinger, Darwin, Dennis Lehane, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Kerouac, Philip K. Dick, etc.
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Help Wanted
Price: Free! Words: 870. Language: English. Published: July 2, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Spiritual, Fiction » Cultural & ethnic themes » Cultural interest, general
A poem of sorts. If you haven't experienced this feeling at work or in life I can't wait until you do. Nothing really matters.

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  • Spitting on the Devil on March 09, 2010

    Humor and hell, usually a good combo and this is one of those. Good, fast read with a really interesting take at the end.