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I'm a former cook/chef of 5 years at many So Cal restaurants. It is true that "love" has a lot to do if the food is good or not. If you see a bored/stressed kitchen atmosphere, best to eat somewhere else. If you see a couple of drunk Mexicans having fun drinking and laughing in the kitchen, why didn't you come in and say, "Hi"?

Went to LACC for film and was 1 of 3 nominees to get short film screened for public viewing.

I play bass, geetar and love my DR-5 drum sequencer!

I'm in a band called "Insert" we got some play on KXLU and even hosted a show a couple times.

Have written many short stories laying around my apartment but am now trying to get my stories exposed to others.

Been a skateboarder for like 30 years now growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Was a veg-head for 4 years but would eat meat if I killed it myself such as fishing, although I also included dumpster diving for various meats which is actually how I stopped being a veg-head because I was broke and eating outta trash times I tells ya!

I do enjoy filming shorts but it's a pain to get everyone together to have fun that will be DOCUMENTED for all too see! I just don't get why people gotta have so much drama involved with having fun, pick up a camera and SHOOT! Hence why I'm more into writing at this moment since the only peeps I have to deal with are in my head although they too can get distracting!

I believe in writing and film that we as creators have to push the envelope that "Hollywood" won't. I love foreign films because they are usually uncensored and think about the art before the money$.

I'm not here to say I'm a great writer by any means, I just want to get people to read my interpretations of how I see life in reality/unreality and give me a sense of actually belonging here.

Thanks for reading, I may update this from time to time, who knows. Contact me any time, good or bad criticism will only make me try harder and to be more unique...time for a drink, salud!

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    Nice, straight to the point read with a few laughs is always good.
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    Humor and hell, usually a good combo and this is one of those. Good, fast read with a really interesting take at the end.