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  • Her Dear and Loving Husband on June 07, 2011

    Her Dear and Loving Husband Written by Meredith Allard 262 pages Published By Copperfield Press Review by Fran Galiardo Her Dear and Loving Husband tells the story of Sarah Alexander, a recent divorcee with a strong yearning for self-discovery. Having long been haunted by life-like dreams she has never understood and having always felt that something was missing in her life, Sarah feels drawn to Salem, Massachusetts. After moving across the country, she feels a heart-felt connection to her new hometown despite various encounters and circumstances which would cause most individuals to be frightened or wary. As Sarah begins to research her family history and explore her new surroundings, she finds her dreams beginning to become clear. Who is she really? Why has she always felt something in her life was missing? Why did she always feel a degree of emptiness inside? Will the man in her dreams become the man of her future? Can she, will she, be able to unearth the secrets of her past enabling her to live the life she was always meant to live? The time period of the story alternates between present day and the late 1600’s. The story recalls the history of the Salem Witch trials and explores the viability of psychics, witches, werewolves and vampires. Once I reached the first mention of witches and vampires, I was skeptical as to whether this book would hold my interest. I have always avoided reading books about vampires – for no other reason than a biased disdain. However, once I put aside my vampire prejudice and allowed myself to become immersed in the story, I was pleasantly surprised by my intense desire to find out what would become of Sarah and her pull towards James. The last few chapters of the book were read very quickly, as I couldn’t wait to get to see what would happen next. Vampires aside, this is a story of love and longing … and belonging. Ms. Allard plans on continuing this narrative with Her Loving Husband’s Curse, Book 2 of The Loving Husband Trilogy. As the ending of Book 1 left me wanting to know more about Sarah’s life and whether she does indeed find long-lasting happiness and contentment, I look forward to the Spring 2012 publication of the continuation of this tale.