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  • Terminal Point: The Hunter Drune Series Book 1 on May 25, 2012

    I liked this story. The protagonist, Drune, was interesting; an enigmatic Federation Hunter driven by justice and integrity, whilst armed with a cool Sensa gun and an arsenal of one liners. From an adventure story hero you can’t really ask any more. He also turns the women’s heads, especially that of Shona, the main female character. I won’t spoil the story for anyone by revealing whether or not her charms manage to pierce Drune’s gruff exterior. The plot concerns the theft of two vials of spores that Drune is hired to retrieve- cue much action, exciting chase scenes and one or two baddies. My personal favourite was the Baron. The Baron has, shall we say, issues, but then I can forgive that in my baddies- a little psychotic derangement goes a long way towards redemption in my eyes. The story moves along at a brisk pace and we encounter many other interesting characters along the way- I defy you not to wince when you meet the Droags and discover their foibles. I’d make sure you’re not eating at the time though. This is a good debut novel that left me wanting more- particularly in the case of Drune. There seems to be a back story there, concerning his wife Raiga, which I hope is explored more in the sequel. I’d also like to see the character of Stanger come to the fore (you gotta root for the evil mastermind plotting total domination!), so come on Mister Lee, get typing.