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Alexis Price
Latest book: Becoming Betty 2 (Gender Bender Erotica). Published August 22, 2013.
Artemis Damodred
Latest book: Pilot Breeder II. Published March 9, 2015.
Baron LeSade
Latest book: A Quick Ten Bucks. Published April 19, 2016.
Gregor Daniels
Latest book: Farm Land Part 2. Published July 6, 2018.
Jocelyn Riske
Latest book: Making Daddy Mine (Taboo Breeding Erotica). Published March 28, 2013.
K.J. Burkhardt
Latest book: The Alien Insemination Project Part 1. Published July 24, 2017.
Katie Ayres
Latest book: With my Boss on the Train. Published December 8, 2018.
Nicole Draylock
Latest book: Nicole's Lewd and Lusty Tales Vol. 9. Published February 5, 2019.
P.B. Tae
Latest book: Junkie. Published January 31, 2014.
Robert Lubrican
Latest book: A Model Mother. Published February 9, 2019.
Rod Steel
Latest book: Tentacle Cowgirl (Alien Breeding Erotica). Published May 14, 2014.
Sage Reamen Publishing
Latest book: The Billionaire Vampire's Progeny. Published October 19, 2015.