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  • A Button in the Fabric of Time on March 26, 2011

    Have you ever wanted to go back and do one thing over again? That one small, stupid thing that irrevocably placed you on a path you would not have chosen? What if you cold do that for the whole of humanity? In the tradition of Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke, Dicksion explores what might be possible if one man had the power to move about in time at the push of a button. Rule number one; don’t lose that button. Rule number two……well, you get the idea. What if you peek at the future and it is really, really bad? Can you fix it? Would you? Should you? Are people smarter in the future? Is God out there somewhere? Dicksion explores these mind-bending questions with a character whose common sense and sensibility make these questions not so tough, and not so frightening. Though occasionally drifting into a little “trekie” he doesn’t lose his way, and the trip is a real eye-opener. “Button” is ideal for young readers, and those young in spirit, who can set aside black and white reality to explore the colorful universe of the plausible on a quest for real answers to the hardest questions. Don