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I am recently in india. i am working on second part of the series of REMAINS ARE HISTORY.
in this novel nature is the story teller. there is also a character named 'Supreme lover Of Any Soul'. in this you will get the story beyond the first part with new characters, culture and environment. they were chosen by nature for its work but story is about to grow 0 to 360* development. the story woven on the thread realization and enriched with fiction.
"One night, I left her and son sleeping. I left the home and escape from there to some place even at that time I did not have any idea, where I was going.

For few months, I could not read even news paper as I scared to read the ad of my missing or any sort of emotional thing. I grew my beard and wondered from one place to anther, bare feet, on bullock cart, or some sort of lift in vehicles. I travelled without money far from my native place and trust me, I know, you will call me selfish or stone hearted, I never remembered Nirjhara nor my wife or even to my new born son.
May be that was my way of growth. May be possible you will also not digest that turning face of my life. One day I came to know that my wife got married with my cousin that also removed me totally from any guilty feeling.
Both keep silent for some time.
Then how you got here in France?
Actually, I was wondering here and there jobless as well as money less at sea shore. I can’t eat anything. So I remembered the god. But still I was happy as there was no exam result to face (now I could say firmly that any fool could top the ca with power of thoughts), no burden of family life and no fear of criticism. This feeling fills me with joy. So I sit down and closed my eyes in meditation, at that time I did not know anything about meditation. There was captain of a ship, Mr. George, walking there in search of persons to talk. I have no idea where I am exactly at that time. He saw me in meditation. My clothes were torn, long beard, and smile on face, he looks it with some surprise. He sits there near to me. When after one hour, I opened my eyes, he touched my feet. He was an Englishmen. He had long, well shaped body, aged approx 45 years. He had moisture in his eyes. Then he asked some questions and I answered him as I feel in my heart without applying my brain. He got impressed. For approx 15 days his ship stayed at that place. For 15 days I had no tension of food as he arranged it for me. At the end of the period, he emotionally offered me to travel to France and I accept his offer. Fortunately, there was no Indian on the ship.
On the ship, there was a surprising thing started happening with me. Whenever I sat in meditation a whole family of ghosts came to me. Initially they only looked at me but after few days they start talking me. Whatever communication was done, I told to the captain of the ship.
Regularly between the duty hours, he in his complete uniform came to me silently and we discussed the things like which ghost said what to me.
One day as I expected earlier, he brought with him, a retired captain travelling on the same ship. He was also of same physique, with white hair. His deep small eyes were speaking something else. He also touched my feet.
: “hello, yogiraj, he is Captain Mathew, wants to talk to you.” Mr.George introduced him. He was the first man who called me yogiraj.
: Namaskaar yogiraj, I heard much about you from Mr.George.
Both of the men were in formal dress with civilised hairs and beard. I was the captain of a ship. It crashed due to technical problem in the system. It drowned in the sea.....................................................continue reading

Smashwords Interview

which character do you like most in your novel and why?
i love "ISMILE KHAN" most even more than Jeenat, Anamika and Shahjadi Begum as they have a strong backup for whatever they did but Ismile khan did instead of knowing that the result of his decision has to bear by him alone and it will surely take his life. he plan for everything that his love life with Anamika will be successful like establishing business contacts meanwhile so Anamika could have same standard of living. specially, when he shows "his never say no" attitude; he left by Thhakur Vikram Singh on death bed and searching him again outside to kill him still he reached to Anamika and took her away. this fill me with thrill..... any girl could die for him.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
it's the Remains are history. I have Written many stories and articles.
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