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Dennis Martin is the Founder of Motivational Development Services (1978) and the Herrmann Institute UK North (1990). His background is in Manufacturing; HR; Training & Development; Learning; Facilitating and General Management.

Dennis helps people to think, and behave, differently and to realise more of their potential through effective self-management and creative team working.

Specifically, he facilitates learning and action in the following areas:
• leadership styles & situational leadership; power – uses and abuses
• motivation, beliefs and values
• communications and conflict management
• 1-to-1 mentoring & coaching
• giving & receiving feedback processes (including paperless, appraisee-driven 360-degree feedback; team look-in-the-mirror sessions; personal review)
• thinking “out of the box” techniques; creativity & innovation; and how to manage your brain
• team working & synergy
• continuous improvement process
• change processes (including the development of informal leadership in organisations)
• learning techniques, systematic training, train the trainer & modelling excellence

He uses the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (H.B.D.I.) to help people understand their own, and others', thinking preferences and how to develop whole brain thinking, creativity and innovation. Details of the HBDI and whole brain model, and of Ned Herrmann who created both, may be found at

In the last ten years Dennis has worked with organisations to develop high performance cultures based on complexity theory concepts and practices. In essence, this requires inverting the traditional organisational hierarchy; empowering employees to work in self-managed, high performance teams; and removing “stabilisers” & inhibitors to excellent performance. It involves ensuring leaders create an external focus with employees; work with intrinsic motivators; and think in whole brain ways with the inclusive, partner stakeholder model of business.

In 2004, Dennis won a UK National Training Award for his organisational development work with Lubrizol Ltd. Dennis helped Lubrizol to develop and implement a strategy to turn its business around by introducing radical new working practices and behaviours. He developed a highly participative learning programme to provide the tools, techniques and positive mindset to help employees break from old traditions, own and implement change and create a new high performing, self-managed, team based culture.

Recently he has developed a web-based business at to bring business-tested techniques to the wider general public audience and to enable people to create the future of their choice. To facilitate this, Dennis is in the process of publishing a series of 9 e-books on Smashwords under the umbrella title of: "Your Future, Your Choice".

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