We Japanese Need Your Help!

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Donation
Fukushima Nuclear Accident Donation

By buying my books, you can make a donation to help those victimized by the earthquake and pacific tsunami in Tohoku region, as well as by disastrous Fukushima Nuclear Accident, Japan.

Still, more than 100,000 victims are forced to have evacuated from the places where they had history of living, and there is still no hope that they can return home. They really need you help.

Please buy as many books as you can. I will commit part of the earnings I get to NPOs that have worked on Tohoku region relief projects together with volunteers, and other charities, including Japanese Red Cross.

I think the scope of the earthquake and tsunami is so great, that this charity that will become involved will play a vital role in the relief effort. There will be significant costs associated with those efforts.

Let's expand our circle of rehabilitation support. Please tell your friends, coworkers, colleagues, and other people you know to visit this publishing site and buy as many books as they can to make a donation to help those severely affected.

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I set up a project: “Come in contact with Japan!” I know many nonfictions and technical books on Japan, such as food culture, applied fine arts, Zen Buddhism, spirituality, etc., are available from publishing sites, and people enjoy them, but I thought a great number of people might be interested in knowing the culture of Japan through novels instead. I just published some few ebooks of fiction. If you are interested in coming in contact with the culture of Japan, you can now download a free copy in part. And 40% of the other books are available in various formats for immediate sampling so you can try before you buy. I hope you’ll like them.


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