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Smashwords book reviews by Evie Alexis

  • American Exodus: Brimstone and Fire on March 06, 2010

    While American Exodus: Brimstone and Fire is not the story you'd want to cuddle with on a summer evening, it delivers a strong punch. Mike Andrews has proved he has the ability to weave a powerful story. The depth of his creativity intermingles with strong and powerful facts. The protagonists, Jake Church, Libby Jung and Melanie Prescott, are not idealistic, but are perfectly human with flaws, insecurities and doubts. The Angel of Death is as scary a villain as they come and gets to say some of the eeriest and perhaps most memorable lines in the story. . Due to the nature of the story, the first few chapters took a bit for me to get into. Soon enough I was hooked, racing through pages to find out what happened next. The action was undeniable; the suspense real Be advised the story uses strong language, touches upon some mature scenes and has its fair share of violence.
  • Seeking Shelter on March 20, 2010

    Rebecca J. Vickery brings a new story to her collection of works and introduces her readers to a host of original and entertaining characters in this latest story, Seeking Shelter. Kat, aka, Kathy Haper, aka, Katalina Forester, is a woman on the run and with a past. Brigham Montgomery, better known to the readers as Brig, is the straight-laced no-nonsense ranch handler. A twist of fate and destiny brings these two unlikely characters together in an almost tragic circumstance. While the story has its share of knaves and foes (what good story doesn't) the real struggle is within the protagonists' themselves. Much of the story is told through their internal dialogue and their meditations and prayers to God. Their faith pulls them through and helps them to find courage in the face of danger and insurmountable odds. Seeking Shelter is a unique story. It is one of Ms. Vickery's more mature, somber works. The themes of self-forgiveness, love and acceptance are all there, but there is that spiritual element, very real and true to the movement of the story. With exception to a few scenes, the story is not fast paced, and that adds to the overall charm and package of the book. The love scenes almost take second stage to the greater theme of this story: the importance of looking beyond ourselves to find help, and believing in the power of God to sustain us. I highly recommend this read.