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Anthony Ranieri is a Melbourne-based professional with a bachelor’s degree in human resources, and he has extensive experience working in senior corporate positions in that capacity. He has written many business articles on the topic of job hunting. Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand published his first book, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, in 2003.
Anthony is a football aficionado and, during his spare time, was an active referee for over ten years before retiring from the profession. He has coached football at the junior level and followed the careers of his children in the sport as a parent. The idea of writing a book about his passion for football bloomed a long time ago, and this is his first work in the football genre.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
I consider myself a football aficionado, and I have opinions about the future of the sport. There are weaknesses in the current system for identifying talent, and particularly for those kids that don’t get a chance to participate for a variety of reasons. They may live in remote communities and don’t have the resources to support them. There is also an unconscious bias when identifying talent and selecting the best players. This drives a lack of inclusion in our sport. The story was driven by greater transparency in sport and how new technology can assist with removing unconscious bias.
What are you working on next?
I am currently in the planning stage of writing volume 2. There is much to consider from the first volume. We continue following the career of Harry Duwala and his rise to fame in professional football. Living away from home and his close family in Australia has not been easy for him. There is the drama of the 2054 FIFA World Cup and the new technologies that revolutionise the tournament. The subversive activity continues with foreign nations imitating the stolen technology, but can they make it work? It's not that simple.
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