Jemuel "180" Johnson


From Sacramento, Ca, Jemuel "180" Johnson simply wanted to change his life for the better back in 2007 after a disastrous breakup left him depressed and disoriented. He started writing a book about the breakup that would become "...And The Tears Revived" and volunteering at a local TV station. Within a couple years "180" had his own cable TV talk show called Half Circle. The show revolves around Johnson interviewing millionaires, entrepreneurs, and phenoms regarding what it takes to be successful. Today, Half Circle is seen in twenty one states and a variety of countries. Jemuel also has a podcast of the same name and theme, encouraging all that they "Do not have to be a flashlight burning in a drawer." His book, "...And The Tears Revived" is available Valentine's Day 2013.

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