Lorna Haddock


I have been diagnosed with celiac disease for four years, but have lived with the effects of celiac disease my whole life. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. In my experience, most doctors and nutritionists have very little experience living and dealing with the daily reality of having celiac disease. I currently live a symptom free life, unaffected by the side effects of any food and intolerances. To reach this point has been a long and difficult journey.

In addition to celiac disease I have a number of additional food intolerances and conditions. My current diet excludes gluten, dairy, all grains, all legumes, egg, refined oils and sugars.

After struggling and failing to find a source of information for celiac disease that didn’t leave me feeling utterly depressed I decided to create my own. In addition to this book I have also established a website, Happy Celiac. Instead of the focus being on restriction, limitation and disease, I approach these challenges as an opportunity for positive change, a chance to improve my life through informed choices, healthier diet and lifestyle, and to ultimately become more than my symptoms.

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