I am currently a stay at home mother of two toddlers, who keep me very busy. I also have a wonderful, supportive husband without whom my blog would not be possible. I am a recent transplant to the rainy, region of Portland, Oregon; thus the reason for Rainy Day Ramblings. The many rainy days here provide me ample time to snuggle up under a comfy blanket with a cat and read while the rain drips down my window.

I also, when I find time, enjoy baking, candle and jewelry making, cross stitching and spending ample time with family.


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  • Christmas Lites on Dec. 16, 2011

    Five Big Stars! Go buy this book! What happens when a group of authors end up spending time on Goodreads chatting about books, writing, publishing and a potpourri of other topics? Well, aside from not getting as much writing done as they could or should, a wonderful community was born. What is this gathering of the writing minds and where can I find it? Why, I am glad you asked my friend. This meeting of the minds can be found on Goodreads in the group Creative Reviews. Wait, you are a reader not a writer, no worries they accept all wayward souls, readers, reviewers, bloggers and anyone else who stops by their little forum. At last check their membership was over a thousand and counting. Ok, you are shaking your head and wondering what all this has to do with my review of Creative Lites. Well, everything, you see these talented people got together one day and decided to donate their time, effort and words to create an anthology of Christmas stories. I realize not everyone out there is a fan of anthologies but this one is exceptional. First, it is an eclectic bunch of short stories. This book has it all, sentimental messages, Christmas memories, funnies, elves, Santa, ghosts and aliens, zombies, witches vampires and werewolves and even a turkey avenger. Yes, you read that correctly. So, you see this little collection stands alone. Yes, a little something for everyone, let me show you what you will find. Want heart felt stories with touching messages and reminders of the true meaning of Christmas then read:'Tis the Holiday Spirit by Ottilie Weber or Sweet Child by Mark Koning or Memories of the Splendid Splinter by Richard Phelan or The Carpenter’s Wife by Misty Baker and the one that stabbed me right in the heart, Whimper by C.S. Splitter. Sentiment isn't your thing then how about a couple of stories with stark reminders of what should be important: family, friends, helping others etc, for this I recommend: All I Want for Christmas by Angel Armstead or Christmas Story by Phil Cantrill and Only That Day Dawns by Angela Yuriko-Smith. Not into heavy messages but instead you prefer something funny and light try: The Perfect Ornament by Cambria Hebert or Christmas Disco by Paige Kellerman and The Hunt by Amy Eye and The Turkey Avenger by E.C. Stilson How about a little romance? For the lovers there is How I Found My Soul Mate by E.C. Stilson ( a funny and clever story about being stuck in the waiting room of the Hereafter) how about Accidentally Gift Wrapped by Tricia Kristufek or A Sprig of Holly by JA Clement or Santa’s Ninja Elf by Lizzie Ford. Perhaps you are a fan of stories with a little supernatural spice I would recommend for you: Last Year’s Eggnog by Brett Talley or The Christmas Ghost by Vered Ehsani and Star of Christmas by L.A. Wright or The Mirror by Cassie McCown. If you are die hard paranormal fan this book has something for you. Yes, that's right there are zombies, aliens, sexy werewolfs and more in these offerings : An Amy Harkstone Christmas by Mark Mackey and The Road to Comfort by S. Patrick Pothier and Broken Glass by Nicolette Alexandr and Blank by Cambria Hebert and Higher Ground by Shane Stilson. There is a fantasy offering with The Gateway Incident by Catherine Forbes and Paul Woods. Finally, the one that had me scratching my head that falls into the Horror category is The Face by Mark R Faulkner. So you see this book certainly has variety. Perfect if you need a short read or you are suffering from attention deficit! Have I convinced you yet to buy this book? What if I told you that it could be purchased for the bargain price of $3.99 @Smashwords and Barnes and Noble (Amazon offers a paperback copy). No!? You are a hard sell if that tantalizing price doesn't convince you to purchase a copy or two. How about this, the reason you should get this book is because the authors are donating every penny of the sales to help the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). You heard it right. All money will go to help the many victims of abuse. That my friends and fellow readers is why you should procure a copy or copies of this work. I can't promise that you will completely love every single story but that isn't the point. Your small contribution will make a difference in someone's life and in exchange you get a bunch of fun little stories (pretty sweet deal if you ask me). Many I am sure you will read and share during the holiday season. I commend these wonderful authors and the others behind the scenes who helped put it together, Amy Eye, Jennifer Pringle, Vered Ehsani, Tricia Kristufek, Cassie McCown, Alan Zendell, Dafeena Jameel and the illustrious C.S. Splitter, who can be found at Creative Reviews trying to get The Willing to read The Reluctant or is it The Reluctant to read The Willing? Either way hats off to this great group of people. Here is to many more collaborations. So quit sitting there! Go get your copy now, read and enjoy. Then head over to Goodreads and meet the gang at Creative Reviews! Tell them I sent you! Happy Holidays! Favorite Quotations: "You know what they say about Christmas? They say it's the most stressful time of the year." "A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet," "although I'm dead, I am still a woman and I do enjoy sending mixed messages." "I think Jesus would appreciate it if you helped do the dishes." To which we responded by scattering like roaches; the baby, shoving turkey in her mouth, was left as a decoy." "How can life possibly suck when such a beautiful smile can light up even the darkest sky?" "I told you that it almost scarred me for life, but when you grow up, you realize some things aren’t really as scary as they used to be." "Value is also in the eyes of the beholder. " "After all, there are two important things in marriage—legs and the ability to avenge." "She will forever remain your diamond and you will forever be her broken glass." "Life bears down and some of us are destined to be ground into the pavement," "Then I heard a whisper on the breeze. "Life is a gift. Take your gift and use it." "His father lounged in a lawn chair, naked except for an ill-fitting speedo, an overweight white lizard basking in the sun. " "Like a bulldozer, she rolled right over my attempts at speech to make her point." "The pain left and Whimper’s tail thumped the blanket one last time in joy and pride for the man he had helped Tommy become." "His little fingers adjust me and the pine needles tickle my cinnamon butt. But I don’t mind."