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Lacee Hightower
Latest book: Call Me Sugar.
Published March 26, 2020.
Ava Sinclair
Latest book: Daddy's World.
Published March 29, 2020.
Michele Zurlo
Latest book: Serving Sophia.
Published April 27, 2020.
Samantha Madisen
Latest book: A Shameful Training.
Published January 6, 2020.
Tina Donahue
Latest book: Baby, It's Hot Inside.
Published December 22, 2019.
Suzy Shearer
Latest book: A Wolf's Tale.
Published July 24, 2019.
Faye Avalon
Latest book: Her Siberian Shifter.
Published July 13, 2018.
Avery Gale
Latest book: Kensington.
Published April 20, 2020.
Molly O'Keefe
Latest book: Tempted.
Published July 21, 2015.
Winter Sloane
Latest book: Stolen Melody.
Published May 12, 2020.
L. A. Cloutier
Latest book: Enlightenment: The Story of L Book 2.
Published May 28, 2014.
Cooper Mckenzie
Latest book: Help Wanted: Mafe.
Published February 14, 2020.
Tina Donahue
Latest book: The Yearning.
Published July 10, 2019.
Alana Albertson
Latest book: Seduce.
Published February 16, 2020.
Marie Tuhart
Latest book: Passionate Desire.
Published July 17, 2017.
Aphrodite Hunt
Latest book: Bared and Spread-eagled 6: The Felon.
Published February 4, 2019.
Ravenna Tate
Latest book: Bloodlust.
Published February 22, 2018.
Penelope Ward
Latest book: Just One Year.
Published February 26, 2020.
Brie Paisley
Latest book: Addiction.
Pre-release—available June 26, 2020.
Daisy Philips
Latest book: Lida and the Deputy.
Published January 31, 2015.
Adaline Raine
Latest book: Becoming a Lady.
Published January 12, 2014.
Tabitha Black
Latest book: The Abbeyville Way.
Published April 29, 2014.
Sophia Kenzie
Latest book: Unimaginable.
Published May 30, 2019.
Jennifer Denys
Latest book: Alien Manhunt 3.
Published October 16, 2015.
Whitney G,
Latest book: Turbulence (1.5).
Published October 19, 2016.
Lily Harlem
Latest book: Chains of Command.
Published April 19, 2018.
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