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I have always considered myself a writer, although I have only finished one manuscript, usually I spend my time writing in my journal or blogging my thoughts and ideas about current events.

I was never much of a reader until I bought an eReader in July 2011, and since then I've found myself reading book after book. I love gay romantic books, especially those that are historical/period pieces or fantasy. I fell in love with several- "Raised by Wolves" series by WA Hoffman, "The Silurian" series by LA Wilson, and "Lancelot and the Wolf" by Sarah Luddington.

I don't enjoy pornographic novels, I love romance and stories about undying love.

I am the type of person who can sit and read for eight hours or more in one sitting, and it bothers me a lot when authors write in a style that jars me out of the story. I have experienced instances when an author will elude to something, by saying something like, "I didn't know at the time how this event would come back to haunt me"- that totally jerks you out of the flow and makes you sit and think about what they meant or dwell on the foreboding statement. Or worse, an author will start changing perspectives, trying to give you viewpoints or experiences from various other characters. That is the worst kind of distraction and really makes it almost impossible to get into the story and enjoy it- because you are so busy trying to figure out WHOSE view you are now reading from and then try to get into the groove of their viewpoint. Stephenie Myer did a good job with the fourth book of the "Twilight" saga, "Breaking Dawn", but she only shifted perspectives twice and did it perfectly- but she is the rare exception- most authors never pull it off, yet their ego dares them to try, and then the story and readers suffer for it.

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  • The Silurian, Book 1: The Fox and The Bear on Aug. 28, 2011

    I have read the entire series, all nine eBooks, with the tenth and final currently being written- expected for release in spring 2012. I have to say I was hooked from the first few pages, and finished the entire series in less than two weeks- and they are not short books; I just couldn't put them down. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart, there is a LOT of violence, loss and tragedy within these pages. Yet, there is also an immense, pure, and powerful love story within that more than makes reading it worth the heartache. I have never read a series that I cried so much over, both in the uplifting tale of love between soulmates, but also the loss and sacrifices that are made and all the pain endured in the name of love. Bedwyr and Arthur are heroes who embody the nature of true love; a love that goes beyond gender, beyond religion, and beyond death. I can honestly say though, that I am dreading reading the tenth book, because I have grown so attached to these two characters that I will be shattered through Bedwyr's own shattered heart, as Arthur told him when they were young that he will one day die in Bedwyr's arms. This isn't a homosexual love story though, as Arthur loves women and Bedwyr men; their love for each other simply goes above and beyond sexual love, as it involves a true, soul-deep love that transcends gender. You ride the roller-coaster as Bedwyr struggles to understand himself and his own sexuality along with trying to understand the depths of his love for Arthur, all within a world that is increasingly becoming overtaken by the Roman Catholic Church which is leading down the path toward the dark ages- where 'sodomites' and pagans are increasingly hunted down and killed. I wish I could express how much this story has truly touched me beyond any others that I've read. Obviously it does not follow the usual mythological tales of King Arthur, but instead, gives a whole new heart and soul to it. The character of Bedwyr became to be called 'Lancelot' over time, but historically, the true champion of Arthur was Bedwyr (also known as Bedivere). If you take the time to read this series, I know that you will fall in love with it as I have.
  • Lancelot And The Wolf on Oct. 22, 2011

    It took a few chapters for me to get into this book, but after roughly the twelfth chapter, I was hooked! The story changed and became more exciting once Lancelot and Arthur were reunited, especially toward the end when both of them were finally honest about their feelings. This book is the first of a series, the second "Lancelot and the Sword" was just released; I can honestly say the series gets better and better. I would recommend this series to anyone with an open mind and heart. Also, if you like the Arthurian age, I HIGHLY recommend "The Silurian" series by LA Wilson. It is more of a gritty and brutally realistic spin on the Arthurian tale, but very much in the same romantic direction as this series.
  • Lancelot And The Grail on Feb. 25, 2012

    I read this book in five hours of marathon reading- I just couldn't put it down!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how she reunited Tancred and Lancelot was unexpected but PRICELESS! When Lancelot finally reunites with Arthur- sparks fly- and not so much in a good way... at first. How will Lancelot handle his relationship with Tancred while forced on a quest with Arthur to visit the "Land of the Dead"? Especially since the ghosts of those he's killed have been haunting Lancelot's dreams, leaving Lancelot refusing to carry a weapon or risk killing again and returning to madness. If that isn't enough, what will happen when they finally venture into the land of the Fey to kill Lancelot's father who has the power of the "Holy Grail"? In this book we see Lancelot's heart ripped open time and time again as he faces his past, present and future... and what does it all mean for Tancred and Arthur? It truly is a thrilling story from start to end, but I will caution you on the final chapter and synopsis of the next book. DO NOT read too much into it as far as Lancelot's desires- keep in mind the title of the next book is "Fey's Curse". What kind of curse will Lancelot have to endure and overcome in order for him and Arthur to finally have peace together and fulfill their heart's true desire to be together- forever two sides of the same coin? I am looking forward to the continuing adventure as these two men fight ever increasing odds which are always trying to pull them apart.