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Jason Andrew lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Lisa. He is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

By day, he works as a mild-mannered technical writer. By night, he writes stories of the fantastic and occasionally fights crime. As a child, Jason spent his Saturdays watching the Creature Feature classics and furiously scribbling down stories; his first short story, written at age six, titled ‘The Wolfman Eats Perry Mason’ was rejected and caused his Grandmother to watch him very closely for a few years.

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Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth and Other Tales of Gonzo Madness
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 20,010. Language: English. Published: May 23, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Horror » Occult
Hunter S. Thompson once wrote "The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth and Other Tales of Gonzo Madness is a collection of short stories, from Jason Andrew, chronicling of the lost, the mad and the sublime as they face the hidden terrors of the universe.
Whispers to The Moon Are Always Heard By Cats
Series: Jason Andrew's Short Story Megapacks, Book 5. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 16,350. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Literature » Fairy tales
Corporations bowdlerized the old fairy tales to make them suitable for mass consumption. Whispers to the Moon Are Always Heard By Cats is a collection of dark fantasy fiction stories by Jason Andrew that explore the shadows in those old tales to see what relevance they hold in modern days and nights.
Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters: A Collection of Lovecraftian Horror
Series: Jason Andrew's Short Story Megapacks, Book 4. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 27,440. Language: English. Published: December 16, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Horror » Occult
The immortal H. P. Lovecraft might have had a limited readership during his lifetime, but his shadow stretches long to modern nights and beyond. Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters by Jason Andrew is a collection of horror stories inspired by the great and terrifying themes of Lovecraft’s fiction.
Scheherazade Cast in Starlight: A Collection of Social Science Fiction Stories
Series: Jason Andrew's Short Story Megapacks, Book 3. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 20,940. Language: English. Published: December 16, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
Scheherazade Cast in Starlight is a collection of social science fiction stories that examine how advances in science and technology might change the human condition and the societies and universes we might create.
Bound by Blood: A Collection of Erotic Vampire Tales
Series: Jason Andrew's Short Story Megapacks, Book 2. You set the price! Words: 26,640. Language: English. Published: December 16, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Horror » Undead
What is it about the vampire that captures the imagination? Why are we drawn to these immortal creatures? Why do we find them so irresistible? Bound by Blood is a collection of short stories and novellas featuring erotic vampires, their victims, and the price for pleasure. These tantalizing tales of erotic horror written by Jason Andrew will delight vampire and paranormal fiction fans.
Dark Inheritance: A Collection of Heller Mysteries
Series: Jason Andrew's Short Story Megapacks, Book 1. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 27,330. Language: English. Published: December 15, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
The Heller family has a sacred secret passed along from generation to generation. During the Battle of Hastings, Jørgen Hellyer fought for William the Conqueror at Battle Abbey. His unknown deeds that night brought forth a curse upon all of his descendants. Read the stories that chronicle generations of the Heller family facing the true terrors that haunt the world.
Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula
Series: The Dreamlands Chronicles, Book 1. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 14,350. Language: English. Published: April 11, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Horror » Undead
Infamous Gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson thought he had seen it all until he came into conflict with the legendary lord of the vampires, Dracula. Written by Jason Andrew in 2006, this novella is now available in e-book format.
Twilight Temptations: Tales of Lust, Dark Desire, and Magic
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 65,530. Language: English. Published: April 10, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
The philosopher Hegel claimed that self-consciousness is desire. That which we covet reveals our true nature. Read thirteen tales written and collected by Jason Andrew of lust, dark desires, and magic from 2006 to 2010.

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