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Mystery author. MADNESS AND MURDER published through Echelon Press. NO ALIBI due out in April 2011

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  • No Justice: A Michael Sykora Novel on April 09, 2011

    Would you take justice into your own hands to protect those you love? Would you kill to save them? In No Justice, software designer, Michael Sykora, does just that. Known only to a few, he's also a killer for hire, a part-time hit man who takes scum off the streets. Driven by his own tragedy, Sykora steps in where the justice system fails. The pace is quick, the characters believable. Sykora wastes no time eliminating his targets. His love for his friends and his concern for the vulnerable is clear; it explains why he does what he does, maybe even justifies it, and makes him human. His personal relationships are engaging, more so when they overlap his night-time career. He hides the fact he's a paid assassin from his closet friend; a cop. Despite what he does, Michael Sykora has a conscience. He won't murder a target if there's the possibility they might be innocent. He's a vigilante. Does it make him bad? As bad as his targets? Or is he doing the world a favor? You decide. Remember the title before you decide. This is an excellent book filled with action, good dialogue, wit, and great characters. The bonus feature at the end raises the question again; the moral dilemma - how far would you go to do the right thing?