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UPDATE: August 2014

Our company is removing its titles from Smashwords. We appreciate the exposure through iTunes and other venues, but we can no longer afford to offer our books for free. Many of Smashwords users abuse the sampling policy. We have families to feed.

Our titles remain in circulation with other major retailers and will soon be available at retail locations through our own custom e-vending kiosks. Thanks

Other titles: 2014 Pulitzer Prize Nominees "The Cornerstone of Arizona Basketball: The Eddie Smith Story", "The Faithful", "Justin Time", "Jedi To Jesus: The Making of a Christian Filmmaker", "Witness Protection", "War of The Worlds: A Biblical Adaptation", "Kevin Sorbo Presents Hercules' Bible Adventures".

Denver, Colorado.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. It was a spin off of the Muppets later made by the actual Muppet writers...lol fine minds think alike...
What is your writing process?
Usually there's some bigger problem at hand to solve and I see ironic situations. I used to try to push my first draft, but then I learned to let my ideas cook, like a crock pot. Justin Time took 10 years to get where it is today. The Faithful took 24. Witness Protection took 20.
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