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  • Shredder on Feb. 13, 2011

    After reading the reviews, I expected an enjoyable read, not a weak storyline, with an emphasis on gratuitous violence. Not that I'm against violence where appropriate, but this book carried it to an extreme. It's not very well written either, with many mistakes, like your instead of you're, there instead of their etc. A simple story. A team of mercenaries enters a secret research establishment, killing all the security guards as they do so. Once inside the team is picked off one by one by an apparently indestuctable genetically modified humanoid, who has apparently already killed all the staff that worked in the place and piled their dismembered gory bodies up in one of the rooms. As the team is picked off we have graphic descriptions of heads and arms being torn off, disembowelments, gore flying everywhere etc. The story ends with the 'Shredder' finally being destroyed, leaving just two survivors, who then have to fight their way out of the establishment past another team of mercenaries that have been drafted in to prevent anyone left alive in the building from leaving. They finally escape in a Humvee, killing many of the mercenaries on their way out.