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  • O N C E-----Ask me anything, not Love on April 17, 2010

    This is a work by a sheer genius. The characters are scripted perfectly. M---, No Time for Love, Maya, Katrin, Anja, and Fraser all seems to be very realistic. The 3 poems and picture gallery gives a great feel. The hard work by the author put into the book can be well felt. The purity and simplicity of the book makes it different from other books. I can not recall any book so pure and realistic I have read for a while. Each book has its own identity and has one or two particular qualities that makes it a special book. For ONCE you can not name one, two or three particular qualities that makes it special. In fact, there are many things that makes this book an excellent read. Full marks to the author.
  • The Strange Loyalist-----Inspired by True Events on April 18, 2010

    I am extremely pleased to read The Strange Loyalist. This book present facts that have not been discussed or highlighted before. Though people do tend to think and talk about them but never discussed or brought them into consideration the way Mian Zia has done it. As you go on reading, you start feeling as if you are reading not about Mike, the protagonist of the book but you are reading about yourself. Adding to the plus points of the book, the way author takes the story to Moscow for ending is highly commendable. I really enjoyed the Russian part of the book very much. The plot is very well written and at no place you feel as if you are cheated by the author. The suspense of the book keeps you guessing till the last chapter of the book. I would recommend that everyone must read it. It gives a very serious message in a very stylish way. Simple yet very effective.
  • Victim of Shame: Why me, God? on Nov. 05, 2010

    Awesome Read. I have not read such a great book for a while. Such books are required to open the eyes of the world. America needs it. The world needs it. Highly recommended. Thanks MIAN for writing such a masterpiece. I look forward to read your next release.