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Smashwords book reviews by M Mancey

  • Journey To Light: Part I of the High Duties of Pacia on May 28, 2013

    An original and refreshing tale, written in meticulous style with attention to detail, this book tells a story of a great civilization long past and the mystery left behind. It is a civilization based on nobility and the power of kindness and wisdom. Even after its demise, some of its remaining people possessing great but untold talents live in secret and in constant danger. There is a strong mystical element with the main magically-able Sisteres, possessing the power of compelling the mind. This book is particularly great for readers who like a tale rich in characters and many different elements. The plot is complex with many well-defined characters, some of whom are deeply intriguing and to whom the reader gets easily attached. I particularly liked Holder, a man with a significant background and an incredible past, but yet cannot recall it. He wanders the roads before meeting up with some of the Sisteres who try to help. I got hooked as the story progressed and by the end, as things really got wound up the last chapter ends. I can't wait to begin with book 2 to find out the truth behind all the mystery and to see what happens to my favorite characters in this perilous and intriguing world.
  • Return of the High Protector: Part II of The High Duties of Pacia on May 29, 2013

    The mystery and intrigue continues as the story delves deeper into the secrets of an old and advanced civilization. A darker force emerges, spelling a greater threat, with a magic dark and twisted but compelling. The various cities come under attack as it rises. My favorite characters Gracie and Holder, and the boy and the girl are on the road surrounded by peril and heading for distant destinations. The book is hard to put down with so much at stake. Every chapter is full of intrigue and action even as war brews. It continues in a rich, gripping and complex tale with multiple characters and told from several view points. The amount of thought and planning by the writer becomes even more apparent. I particularly admire how the author very subtly creates a beautiful and thought-provoking legacy of a people long past. I wouldn't give too much away but there is also an element of satisfaction where the long lost are reunited and a few of the old mysteries are solved. Even so, it ends in a cliff hanger as as the evil Zafiri responsible for the demise of the former civilization seek to wreak more destruction. I look forward to the next book where hopefully these wonderful and gifted people, who were so wronged, can have their legacy restored.
  • And the Young Shall Lead You Home: Part III of The High Duties of Pacia on June 03, 2013

    Another well-put-together tale and the final installment of a wonderful series. It gets more interesting with revelations of the mysterious civilization of centuries past. The mystical nature of the story also deepens with the experiences of the exiled folk and the powers exercised by the gifted ones. The momentum of the story changes from the gripping pace of book 2 to a more ponderous one as conflicts come to a head and people get mobilized. The evil of the enemy with their twisted powers of compelling others against their will seem an inverse form of the powers possessed by the gifted ones that oppose them, which I found interesting. I like the author's approach of getting rid of evil through non-violent means. The gifted ones have great power and use it without shedding a drop of blood. The conclusion is satisfying particularly with alternative ways of attaining order and peace.