Smashwords book reviews by nedrane

  • Vampire's Companion on June 18, 2013

    The author says in the note at the end that this book is set in the world of the Angelini but is not considered fully part of that series. I wish this had been mentioned somewhere else, because there really isn't a forwarding of the series background story. However, having said that, I do feel it does add something to the series in that it closes a few loose ends and gives some insight into secondary characters that most of us who have read the series like. Like the rest of Jory Strongs books this is a good read with my only complaint being that I would have like it to be more, but then I'm greedy that way.
  • A Prime's Passion on Aug. 01, 2022

    One thing Shiloh Walker has always been very good at is world building. This is another wonderful world she has created and I seriously hope to see more of it. Of course the characters and the story is great too but the world here begs for more.