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Smashwords book reviews by Alisia

  • HYM and HUR on June 13, 2012

    This is a short story about an immortal couple who have abilities. They help people and play pranks on them, but it must be approved by Death first. As they think of pranks, they come up with a way to help people, Death approves it. But is it because he wants to see HYM and HUR do good? Or does he have his own plans? I thought that it was a good short story. I just wish that we could have gotten to know the characters more. Like how did Hym and Hur become immortal or were they always? SPOILER: I liked the part where Archie and Sarah were drinking champagne and every time they picked up the bottle there was more in it. I knew it had to be Hur or Hym and I was right! Sneaky little immortals. I also liked that we got to see what happened with Archie and Sarah in the end. It was very interesting to see this version of Death. Yes, he wisely and a trickster, just like them all. But he wasn't so doom and gloom as most Deaths. He was happy with his job and he let it show. Anyone who has a little bit of time and is looking for a book they can start and finish, I suggest this one!