Sarah Dieng


Sarah Dieng is a Creative Fiction writer from Michigan. However, she has lived in Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio longer than she lived in Michigan. Her first book, Deadly Dreams, was self-published in 2011 under the YA Paranormal/Romance genre. Since then she has put out two others in the Death Walker Series and is working on the fourth of six books in that series.

She began writing when she was just a child, handwriting a story about a boy and his dog, then reading it to an elderly disabled neighbor after every little bit that she finished. She once worked as a Feature Writer for a small-town newspaper, also taking her own photos and developing them in a darkroom. Sarah has always been an avid reader, reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mysteries when she was young, to currently reading Laurell K. Hamilton, Patricia Briggs, and Rachel Vincent, among many others.

Sarah has a sarcastic sense of humor and it reflects itself in some of her writing that is not yet published. Although she prefers the more serious, darker side of writing, she has ideas for other books and have even begun writing them. Her vivid imagination along with the support she received from her family, finally persuaded her to write a book, which then turned into four. She writes in images, ones that she can see as she writes. One reviewer of her first book pointed out that it felt like she was there with the characters when she was reading it.

Sarah’s hope is to not only write books that allow the reader to disappear from the real-world for a short time and enter a new one, but to “see” what she does when writing the story. Her goals are to finish the Death Walker Series and then move on to the ideas she has for several Adult Paranormal/Romance novels. Her long-term goals would to become not only a full-time author, but to also become a professional free-lance writer, which follows one of her minor studies.

Sarah currently is an online student at Southern New Hampshire University. She is working toward a Masters in Creative Writing. Her other areas of study are Minors in Professional Writing and History. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her beagle mix rescue dog Buddy.

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