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  • Freewill on June 02, 2012

    This was a wonderful book and well-written. It wasn't like most modern books; it seemed to have a better....structure? than most books that I normally read. It had a good story though it seemed mostly like an introduction to the rest of the trilogy. Introducing the characters, the problems that may come up. Throughout the whole story I was constantly left guessing at what would happen next. I felt as if I knew what would happen, but then realize that I was completely wrong. At first the changes in setting were hard to keep up with but after a while it became easier to follow. I love the chemistry between Ellie and Christopher. It surpasses any other love that I have read in other books. Their situation continues to prove how unique their love is. From the very start I couldn't put it down and am looking forward to reading the next book. Freewill did not end anything like I thought it would, which only makes me want to continue the story even more. Im thankful that I got the chance to read such an enchanting story. :)