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Roscoe Mathieu, the award-winning author ("Gods of War," Cuesta Literary Contest) has seen and experienced more by the age of 27 than most would dream of doing in an entire lifetime. He is, effectively a human magnet for the strange, weird and adventurous - the spiritual descendant of colonial-era adventurers, deeply enthralled in a bittersweet relationship with the wild, exotic beauties of foreign coasts and strange lands.

As a quick run-through of his checkered career to date, he was a Cuesta Literary Contest award winner with "Gods of War," now published via MindFlights.com. Soon after receiving the award, he embarked upon a year-long teaching stint deep in the heart of China as an ESL teacher for Buckland International Group - a year that saw him physically assaulted by students twice, got in a barfight once, trekked across the vast expanse of the country and through ordinance-laced fields, and fell in and out of love. Parts of his experience were blogged on a Livejournal account under the alias "bigstarbound," documenting the emotional upheavals of a young man in a totally alien landscape.

His work as a videographer for AGP Video in Morro Bay was a transitional period before his next adventure, literally setting sail with the Lady Washington for a three-month period. Roscoe continuing his ad hoc career as an educator teaching elementary classes about the history and techniques of sailing ships at every port, basking in the salted winds of the Pacific all the while.

Since the Lady Washington, he's worked as a volunteer copy editor for TravelChinaGuide.org, headed CWS Software's visual novel writing team, and returned to China to finish his schooling. He is now publishing his essays at Innerspace, and his fiction with FedoraArts Press.

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