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I live with my wife and daughter in southern Indiana.

Smashwords Interview

What are your credentials?
This is a great question for someone who claims to have seven teaching books helpful to both the seasoned and new Christians. I've had a hunger to know the Lord since childhood. God has given me the talent of writing songs and books. I have no credentials other than my life experience with God. I've tapped into His creativity and He has used me as a fountain. My books speak for themselves as to which credentials I have. Man's credentials: Associate Arts degree from Miami-Dade Junior College. God's credentials: The books and songs declare the works of God in my life. I only pray they bless you, too, in some mighty way.
What's the story behind the first of your seven teaching books, "The Opening Window"?
"The Opening Window" is a good place to start reading my teaching books because it is my spiritual autobiography. I was living in Mauckport, IN when I began to get an inner prompting to sit down and write my story. As I was writing it, trying to remember some of the details of my life, God periodically inspired me to veer off course and creatively share some teaching.

There are three different writings going on in this book and they are distinguished by three styles of type. The styles are bold, italics and regular. The italics writing is simply where I lived and what I was doing as I lived my life. The regular type are the stories that would qualify as miracles in my life. The bold type is where God interrupted the narrative to interject a teaching. Will "The Opening Window" bless you? I believe it will.
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Vic Zarley's Music Videos
I REALLY enjoy making videos of our original Christian music. I believe you will be blessed if you'll watch them.

Seems Nobody Wants to
Eva and I love to write Christian songs (when moved by the Holy Spirit). Please enjoy "Seems Nobody Wants to."


How to Avoid Positive Stinking
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Seven. Price: Free! Words: 25,770. Language: English. Published: April 18, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides
Enjoy this compilation of short articles Eva and I wrote for our website, Topics run a wide gamut from how to avoid the glorification of self to examining an interesting interpretation of both Joseph and Pharoah; from determining what being merciful means to examining what it REALLY means to work for Jesus and more!
Calling God and Casting Lots
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Six. Price: Free! Words: 52,500. Language: English. Published: November 21, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christian Life / Prayer, Nonfiction » Philosophy » Religious philosophy
This is a journal of casting the lot that I hope will transform the way one approaches God. The secular humanists and "rationalists" so prevalent in today's world, have blasphemed God Word, stating that most of the miracles of the New Testament and the mighty workings of God in the Old Testament are myths. To the rationalist, casting lots and getting genuine guidance from God is ludicrous. Wrong!
The Atheist Delusion
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Five. Price: Free! Words: 54,470. Language: English. Published: November 20, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Atheism/Agnosticism, Nonfiction » Philosophy » Contemporary philosophy
Atheists used to be somewhat quiet in their beliefs but in the past few years have become quite vocal. Where they used to tolerate Christians, now they want the religion eliminated. "The Atheist Delusion" encourages the Christian community to be transformed and BECOME the church Jesus heads as well as rebuts Richard Dawkins, and his book "The God Delusion," pointing out the flaws in his thinking.
The Traveler
Price: Free! Words: 34,910. Language: English. Published: November 16, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Fantasy, Fiction » Inspirational
From the introduction: "In a flash of lights and colors on his computer while traversing the Internet, there appeared in the life of Rich Davis a very helpful and mysterious teacher who called himself the Traveler. His lessons, taught with gentle patience, revolutionized Rich's Christian walk."
The Opening Window
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, One. Price: Free! Words: 62,150. Language: English. Published: November 12, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Religious biography
A few years ago I wrote this story of my spiritual journey from New Age back to Christianity. As I did, I began to see the wonderful pattern of the Lord working in my life. I pray that my circular journey is interesting as I take you from my Christian roots, as a child, to the outer fringes during my teen and young adult years, until finally, I return, Prodigal Child, back into my Father’s arms.
Advanced Christianity
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Two. Price: Free! Words: 71,120. Language: English. Published: November 5, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
Advanced Christianity is a collection of inspired teachings by Vic Zarley designed to answer the question, "Why do I want to follow Jesus (especially if there is a cross involved)?" You will be encouraged and empowered by the Holy Spirit to actually do what Jesus commands. I pray it is a blessing to you.
How the World Works
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Three. Price: Free! Words: 43,620. Language: English. Published: April 25, 2010. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration
Throughout the ages members of the human race have often asked, “What is the meaning of life?” and have pleaded with God to reveal what is going on here on earth. How the World Works consists of a wide variety of articles, vignettes, anectdotes and poetry by Vic Zarley that reveals the true nature of God, mankind and the world. An uplifting read with much to ponder about.
Shall I Pray or Watch TV?
Series: The Teaching Books of Vic Zarley, Four. Price: Free! Words: 29,320. Language: English. Published: April 19, 2010. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christianity
Should a Christian watch TV? There are many reasons why we should have not allowed TV into our homes. Shall I Pray or Watch TV? examines, from the Christian perspective, the history of television and how it has inhibited our creativity (especially when it comes to finding time or the initiative to pray). This short book is filled with humor as well as with many convicting Bible verses.

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