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I live with my wife and daughter in southern Indiana.

Smashwords Interview

What are your credentials?
This is a great question for someone who claims to have seven teaching books helpful to both the seasoned and new Christians. I've had a hunger to know the Lord since childhood. God has given me the talent of writing songs and books. I have no credentials other than my life experience with God. I've tapped into His creativity and He has used me as a fountain. My books speak for themselves as to which credentials I have. Man's credentials: Associate Arts degree from Miami-Dade Junior College. God's credentials: The books and songs declare the works of God in my life. I only pray they bless you, too, in some mighty way.
What's the story behind the first of your seven teaching books, "The Opening Window"?
"The Opening Window" is a good place to start reading my teaching books because it is my spiritual autobiography. I was living in Mauckport, IN when I began to get an inner prompting to sit down and write my story. As I was writing it, trying to remember some of the details of my life, God periodically inspired me to veer off course and creatively share some teaching.

There are three different writings going on in this book and they are distinguished by three styles of type. The styles are bold, italics and regular. The italics writing is simply where I lived and what I was doing as I lived my life. The regular type are the stories that would qualify as miracles in my life. The bold type is where God interrupted the narrative to interject a teaching. Will "The Opening Window" bless you? I believe it will.
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I REALLY enjoy making videos of our original Christian music. I believe you will be blessed if you'll watch them.

Seems Nobody Wants to
Eva and I love to write Christian songs (when moved by the Holy Spirit). Please enjoy "Seems Nobody Wants to."


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