Xero Reynolds


Xero is a writer, artist, voice actor, musician, and general purveyor of non-sequitur whimsy.

Xero Reynolds was born at the dawn of the day-glow apocalypse that was the 80’s, and has collected an impressive set of skills that have otherwise been rendered outmoded due to the advent of apps, or just the byproduct of the progression of society into the modern age wherein nobody accepts “duelist” as an adequate skill on a resume.

However, in a fit of what can arguably equally be described as “determination” or “masochism”, Xero has spent his time and energy creating things that he earnestly believes that someone out there is crazy enough to enjoy for over a decade. You may have seen his illustration work around (Playstation Magazine (PSM), Blizzard, Bohemian Trash Studios to name a few), or perhaps his webcomics (Swordwaltzer, Nine Shot Sonata to name a few more), or you might have pirated his music (Produced as Xero Reynolds, Xerjester, and Xerj because lists are fun). For those more inclined to recent events, or stricken with a tragic case of crippling long-term memory loss for which he shares his condolences, you might have been introduced to Xero’s writing through his first novel, The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis, or the adherent Tales of Calopa novellas he’s since completed.

Xero currently resides in Colorado with his wife, Katy. When he isn't writing or creating, you can find him out biking, hiking, or participating in preiod recreational fencing He has written this in third person in an attempt to offset his more boring aspects, like his love of coffee, tea and couch-forts.


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