Invisible Dawn: Book One of Altered Realities

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To keep a promise and save his long-lost goddaughter, computer programmer Jedd Altran sacrificed everything, including his wife and newborn son. Now, they must pass through worlds far different than their own to escape the clutches of government killers. More
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Words: 104,080
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ISBN: 9780983464822
About Weston Kincade

Creative writing has always been a passion for Weston Kincade. He's helped invest in future writers for years while teaching writing. In his spare time he writes poetry and short stories in addition to his novels. He also edits and operates WAKE Editing ( when not spending time with his wife and Maine Coon cat, Hermes, who talks so much he must be a speaker for the Gods. Weston is currently working on a variety of paranormal and fantasy novels. As the wordsmithing process continues, he loves stretching the boundaries of human understanding.

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Review by: Coral Russell on Aug. 25, 2011 :
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(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: L. A. Wright on Aug. 14, 2011 :
Article first published as Book Review: Invisible Dawn: Book One of Altered Realities by Westin Kincade on Blogcritics.

What would we give to be able to move from place to place, from time to time? Could we change the world or would we create an anomaly? Would it be like moving to parallel planes that coexist through a veil we have no way to see, or does time travel really break the barriers and take you forward or back in the same world we live in?

In Invisible Dawn: Book One of Altered Realities by Westin Kincade, the author spins an amazing story that is at once both unique and interesting. Kincade brings together a group of individuals whose lives have been damaged in different respects, by different things they have done or been involved in that seem to haunt them. When all is lost or seems to be, they connect in a way that forms a bond, unusually quick in any society. In some way, most of them are involved in or have some knowledge of a group called PASTOR. An acronym that stands for Phantom Assassin Shifting Technology & Organized Reconnaissance, this is a secret government department. Shifting is the ability to find the webs or the veil that covers the plane of other times and places. These are the secrets and abilities of a small group of people that are hunted by PASTOR.

Madelin Boatweit is our young hero; kidnapped at a young age after the assassination of her parents while she watched, she is at the mercy of this group of assassins, as she becomes an experiment in their nefarious schemes. Her father’s best friend and her godfather, Jedd was there to warn them of the possible attack but was unable to save them or Madelin. Giving up his own family, both for their safety and his own guilt at the death of his friends, he sets on a course to find Madelin and free her from this organized group. As Madelin grows up she understands her dilemma and desperately looks for a way out. It is during this period she begins to understand her ability to see the veil, or web between worlds. As she begins to awaken, Jedd too finds he has a unique ability. He is able to dream walk, and as his body rests, he begins to find the trail of the young woman he had given up his own life to find.

Father Leodenin is the emissary sent to find Madelin as she escapes the governments clutches. A shifter as well as an assassin, he is able to find her by the unique print of her shifting through the times and places. There is another man who is also looking for peace, one who can see things others cannot, but is himself haunted by decisions made in his past. As he sees Madelin shift, he is drawn to her and becomes caught up in her life as well. Protecting her becomes his mission. As the chase continues, more people are drawn to this charismatic young woman, each of them binding themselves to her and her escape. Can she stay out of harm’s way, or will PASTOR gain control of her abilities for themselves?

Kincade has written a fast paced and adventuress yarn, with such interesting characters, you can feel their presence. The detailing is exquisite, and the story such a new voice, I was excited to find where it headed. Madelin is so extensively naive, which makes so much sense due to her age at the kidnapping. Her ability to bond with those she deems safe though seems a little strange, and yet she needs that stability. As we follow this group from place to place and time to time, there is action and adventure in every setting. Jedd becomes a protector with a new talent, one that has been foreseen by those in the know.

As they reach their final place, the final showdown is set; will Madelin and her ragtag group of friends be able to fend off the assassins as well as a new group, those set in the world they have found themselves?

I enjoyed this book although I felt a bit of dismay at the end when we took an exciting and new form of story and tied it in with the fad stories that are popular now. This is an exceptional work, and I look forward to reading more, but I am disappointed to find that vampires have made their way into such a unique setting. Other then the quick bonding of the characters that had no knowledge of each other and no past together and the introduction of vampires I found this to be a great story.

If you like fantasy and time travel, you will enjoy the premise of this work. The Vampire fans will find a unique and different look at vampires, but one that pits them against both themselves and others. Kincade is an author to watch, it will be interesting to see how our heroes continue, and what the government group is really looking for.

This book was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Katy Sozaeva on June 27, 2011 :
Weston Kincaid’s debut novel blurs genre lines – trying to describe it is going to be a challenge! It starts off as science fiction, adds some fantasy elements and then makes a sharp turn into horror.

Jedd has spent 12 years searching for his goddaughter Madelin, who was taken by agents of PASTOR (Phantom Assassin Shifting Technology & Organized Reconnaissance) when she was just a child, because she had the ability to shift – that is, open rifts into one of the other infinite planes of reality. Daniel, who lives in a different plane, lives tormented by his past and running from members of Black Force, a mercenary company with whom he used to work. Roger, in the same plane, is a gambler who is down on his luck when Daniel finds him beaten half to death in an alley. Juno, from yet another plane, is a member of the Traditor family, who are extremely long-lived, strong and agile, but have trouble dealing with the sun and some … unusual dietary needs. These are the main protagonists in the book. Chasing after Madelin is “Father” Leodenin, a very strong shifter with PASTOR, and a company of soldiers led by Marlin. Once on Juno’s plane, Leodenin teams up with Juno’s brother, Lord Alain.

The book focuses on keeping Madelin safe, getting her away from PASTOR and coming up with a plan to try to save the rest of the unwilling “volunteers” taken by PASTOR. Along the way there are many battles, from bullets to hand-to-hand, and twists and turns galore to keep the reader on her or his toes.

I found the story exciting and engaging – I enjoyed it from start to finish. For a debut novel, this one is remarkably well-done, carefully plotted and the characters well-developed. There were some issues with abrupt transitions and changes in POV, but once you fell into the rhythm it was fairly easy to keep up with them. Fans of cross-genre thrillers, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and horror should all find something to love in this book.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: killie81 on May 28, 2011 :
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Invisible Dawn progresses at a decent rate with periods of action being interspersed with thoughtful interludes as the characters discuss what it is occurring. The ending however was a little bit of a let down as I didn't really feel like anything had really been concluded. I know that this can be a common problem with books in a series but it still always leaves me a little bit disappointed.

The characters involved are all fairly likeable and very varied; I especially liked the ex mercenary who truly comes across as a man haunted by his past. The way he helps someone he knows nothing about is actually believable as you see the image of a man seeking redemption being built up within the story. The only slight issue I had was the way in which some of the characters seemed to just accept alternative worlds etc. without any real issue.

Overall, I found this book to be an enjoyable mix of Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi and at it's heart it is a fun action novel with a hint of adventure that is hard to put down.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: GeekyGirlReview on May 18, 2011 :
If you are into Science fiction novels then you might like this one.
I for one loved this book and couldn't put it down until the very end.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Coral Russell on April 25, 2011 :
It's bad enough when you only have one dimension to worry about! Madelin is in trouble in all dimensions. Along the way her Godfather, Jedd, and various characters help her stay ahead of the bad guys. This story is a little darker than what I've read so far, but I like it! I'm interested in multiple dimensions anyways, especially after CERN announced they may be able to prove the existence (on an atomic level) of the fourth dimension by 2013. This story will keep you entertained right up until the end.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Scott Rhine on April 03, 2011 :
People who like graphic novels, the TV series Heroes, or the movie Push will love this book. It is filled with artful tableaus, moments of poetry even amidst the fast moving violence and cruelty of man. It makes us hope, and press onward. Even people who feel beyond redemption can make a stand for right in this world. When shifters clash, whole worlds are affected. The ending is like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with vampires.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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