Interview with Jacobus Kotze

You mention your "American Patriot" in every book and article. Who is she?
She was my wife and soul mate in life but for professional reasons (she worked for the US Navy) I could not reveal her real name. Sufficient to say that I would never have written anything if she did not support me and she read everything I wrote first. I often mention her in my books and will keep on doing so. I am very sad to say she died age 41 on 21 May 2014 after a short illness. On request from my readers a short tribute to her is available online but be warned - it is very moving. Her passing makes no difference to me - I will always love and cherish her. Death has no meaning to soul mates - the love continues.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I am the owner of JKLS Africa & Associates, an independent and exclusive legal consultancy based in South Africa with associate offices in London (UK) and Lagos (Nigeria). Mostly we look at legal risk reduction and we are very unconventional. For instance we brief businessmen, travellers and other on how to survive as a hostage in Africa. Not a politically correct topic but since 500m dollars worth of ransoms were paid out in 2012 for this type of thing the need is great. Note this does not make Africa more dangerous than any other third world continent - you just need to know how to conduct yourself. Anyway, it never takes me longer than 6-8 weeks to write a book. Some say they can see that also! :)
Why did you first start writing?
I was annoyed (some say angry) when I wrote my first book, "Mean Streets - Life in the Apartheid Police." After 1994 when the new South Africa came into being, a flood of books were published by former soldiers, policemen and everyone else no-one ever heard about before. A few of these books were so politically correct that it was beyond belief and hence we read of marijuana smokers (and worse) in the Security Forces....quite frankly that never happened where I was. I felt history was distorted for the sake of serving their political correct god which strangely enough only came out after 1994. I suppose it is a sign of the times that by that stage everyone was against Apartheid which is of course nonsense. Many supported it wholeheartedly including the clergymen and academics. Anyway, none of my books are politically correct. Shrug,

I wrote "Mean Streets" brutally frank and uncompromising because that is how it was in those days but it is also a very humane story which made readers "laugh, cry and shook their heads in astonishment." The South African Police Force did become an "instrument of terror" and it was feared by all and with good reason. But you must ask yourself how did that happen? How did a police force which was once highly respected by the population became so politicised? I tried to explain in the book which caused a lot of comments - mostly positive I am grateful to say. Note however that none of my books is in any way, shape or form an apology for Apartheid. In fact it is a warning against social injustice. After 1994 I spend years at university (college) and then practised law at probably the most well-known human rights law firm in Africa - I changed my own views considerably because of that.
After all the books and articles you say you are not an author?
My grammatical errors caused a lot of criticism from a few readers (justifiably so) who took great delight in showing off their remarkable editing abilities! :) As a native Afrikaans speaker writing in English it was bound to happen though it should be remembered that South African English is not the same as American or what is known as Standard English. I do not consider myself to be an author and do not make a living of it either. My books are free of charge (and all articles) because they are written to assist those who cannot afford such advice in the first place. Either the reader will love my style of writing or will not as none of my works are designed to please the literary folk or critics. I could not care less.
Why for free? Some of the books and articles saved lives and are worth money!
Yes, true! Some of the articles like "Basic Home Security" saved quite a few lives according to emails I received from readers. Others like "The Drug Addict Pattern" are downloaded thousands of times and certainly assisted the real victims of drug abuse which is the parents / loved ones. I feel that some topics are so important that money should not be asked for it. For instance my book "Your Worst Enemy" is about banksters and your legal rights against them when you fall on hard times and their hounds of hell (debt collectors) come after you. It will show you how to push back and make it so expensive for them that they would rather slunk away and bother someone else. This type of advice can be found at any lawyer's office but not for free, and when you are down on your luck, you simply cannot afford lawyers. It is ironic and used against you by the banksters.

Personally I believe all lawyers are overpaid to begin with (law is not rocket science - ask me - I practised it long enough) so I decided to explain to the banksters victims how to fight back free of charge. It is all about equal treatment in front of the law and having the knowledge to avoid abuse. Unfortunately, being free also means some think it is not worth reading. Shrug, you just cannot win every time. It gives me great satisfaction to know I helped many thousands to survive and regain their pride.
Does equal treatment in front of the law actually exists? You sounded doubtful in your book "Tricks of Trade - Memories of a Rogue Lawyer"
I said in that book that rich people are treated more equal than poor ones for they can afford to play the game with lawyers and spin doctors. I highlighted the scams used by lawyers to gain more fees as well as the scams the overseas investor is tricked into when doing business in Africa. It is well known anyway what they are up to. You have to remember though that the law itself is neutral and for you to use or abuse. It works both ways depending of what you do with it.
In your eBook "The Egg Breakers - Counter Terrorism in Sub Saharan Africa" you stated that it is not a big deal to assassinate a President? Surely that would raise red flags everywhere!
I said that but I said it from a counter-terrorism viewpoint. Obviously I wish no harm to any president now or in the future. What I meant was that he can be replaced within minutes since that is the way the system is designed to work in a democracy. As an "act of terrorism" it is always a home goal for it brings the nation together and does not create chaos or anything but a lot of hate against the attacker / terrorist.Conversely, when a terrorist leader is assassinated the damage is much worse...they are not geared to have a new leader within minutes. By the way, I call all politicians, whether they are from the right or the left, "long haired liberals", much to a few of them's disgust.
You also said third world aid is a scam which is costing America and the West a lot of goodwill?
I said that in several books. My view is that the aid money is paid to the political and social elite who either steals it or mismanage it in such a way that it hardly ever reaches the ones destined for. You can show me nothing which was built with that money and it is now seen as a "right" and no gratefulness is shown towards the donation country at the UN either. It is too complicated to answer fully in this short answer but it is also costing the West a lot of intelligence on the War on Terror for the average fellow, who knows who the terrorists are amongst them, only see the same old scam going on without any benefit to him. So he keeps quiet and neutrality in any war favors the other side. In fact, neutrality is the last thing the West can afford in the War on Terror. The money is also used to buy fish instead of teaching the African to fish which is creating resentment on ground level. As said none of my books are politically correct.
What do your fans mean to you?
Because of my books and articles I met a lot of good folk in many different countries. Not sure if they are "fans" but they tend to be nice and supporting of my books. It certainly means a lot to me when readers write to me with positive commentary or just to say hi. Please feel free to do so for you are not bothering me at all. It is rather strange how different people become when they hear you wrote books! Is not that serious in my eyes and something anyone can do. If you feel the need to write a book - just do so and publish it online. Join the club and be happy. No one is going to reject you - those days are long gone.
Published 2014-07-14.
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