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Tattooed, pierced and dreadlocked, Steve Malley is a writer, graphic novelist and professional artist. He is an American expatriate currently living in New Zealand and, once upon a time, a bit of a scrapper...

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  • Killing Trail on Sep. 22, 2010

    Charles Gramlich writes a heckuva Western. I'll admit, I'm more a fan of the author than the genre: like SF/F, I seem to spend a lot of time weeding through flat, paint-by-numbers stories looking for something fresh, original and enjoyable. But I'd already seen what the author did for horror (Cold in the Light) and SF/F (his brilliant Talera series), so I was happy to take the chance. I'm glad I did. Killing Trail is one damn fine collection. Not only does Gramlich have a real gift for action, pace and storytelling, he's able to make me care about and believe his characters. Is it wrong that Lacey from 'Showdown at Wild Briar' is my favorite? :) I simply loved this collection.