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  • The Probe on Nov. 05, 2013
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    a nice story with a very pleasant ending
  • Philosophy for the Masses: Metaphysics and More on Nov. 05, 2013
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    I studied philosophy in university and it gave me a broader understanding of the evolution of the human species. Thank you for making this book available for free. it is very interesting.
  • Titans, Humans, And The Beasts (Creatures Of Darkness And Light #1) on Nov. 07, 2013
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    I bought it a few days back and I could not put it down. I like the story, I like the characters, I like the setting, I like the plots and subplots. When I got to the third part of the book, "I am awake and blood is what I crave!", I realized the serious business that was going down and it was nail-biting, heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. My favorite chapter in this part is "To kill a gorgon", it is just perfect and also "The sacrifice" is fantastic in the fifth part of the book. However I have some complains: Why did you kill some of the characters I had grown to care for? Really? I mean my brain understands it, but emotionally I did not understand it. I will not write names so as to not spoil it for others. That scene when one of Elena's brothers dies at the hands of another family member, OMG that is just so heartbreaking and I was looking forward to the development of that particular character. He was so amazing as a brother, as a leader, as a person in general and then he dies. It reminded me of the death of Robb Stark in GoT. Sure these two characters had very different lives and very different endings, but they both are tragic heroes and stirred up a whirlwind of emotions. But, I have to say that when one of the heroes dies, that's when I got that serious business was going to go down and it became even more intriguing. There were some moments when I felt like throwing away my Kindle while reading, cause I was so pissed off at how Zeus reacted to Mikael and Elijah, ah and don't even get me started with Akira, can anyone say CONTROL FREAK? I loved, then disliked, then ended up loving Elena again. Ruwana is my favorite character, smart, intriguing, and she is powerful in a kingdom where she is part of an almost insignificant minority and she opens the door to possibility and option to Mikael who would otherwise probably have ended up being a thief or something like that. I want more of Ch'o. The last chapter of the book takes place some time after all the events of the story so does that mean that there will be a second volume? If so, I want more Ch'o and definitely more Ruwana. And one more thing: My family is a mixture of people from 2 continents and I liked this book also because of its ethnic diversity. Good job on that one!
  • Unsustainable Population on Jan. 16, 2014
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    these are facts which the world has to deal with and it is good to see that some people are paying attention to them
  • 19/21 (300 Years of Sin #1) on Feb. 04, 2014
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    This is going to be short: I love it!
  • Age of Extinction (300 Years Of Sin #2 ) on Feb. 04, 2014
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    Can I put into words just how much I love this book? No because it is impossible. Just when I thought it could not get better, it actually did and it answered some questions I had while reading 300 Years of Sin: 19/21. The threats are now even greater than in the previous book, the characters are more developed and I like how Jonathan takes charge of the situation even more, how Ava finds out the whole truth about who she is (her real identity was a shock). I especially love the new additions: Aiko, Masaru, Ria, Alex. They are all great characters. Ahhh Rene why do you have to be so awesome and Mark would clearly do anything to keep you alive and safe. Jonathan and Ava form one of my favorite couples in books because of their qualities and of how much they fight to save, not only themselves, but also their friends and families. And the great Constantine, the guy who everybody thought was dead for over 3 centuries, but who is actually alive and is a supernatural being himself, is indeed a worthy opponent to the vampires. And the rise of Aron was unexpected. This guy, this mind-bender that no one knew about, is even worse than Constantine. And, as my last rant, the ending is awesome. It is the ending I wanted.