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  • Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft on Nov. 02, 2012
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    Beltane was truly a great book. It is a compilation of ten stories by ten different authors all about witches and witchcraft. Each story is unique in its own respect with varying views on who and what witches are and what witchcraft is to them. I really enjoyed the different styles and seeing how others view witches. Being a pagan myself, you never know how authors will percieve witchcraft when putting pen to paper. A couple of the stories were fun and though stuff like that never happens, it was still refreshing. Other stories had a bit of a macabre feel to it, but if you read between the lines, you know that, though things don't happen exactly like that, there are negative forces at work in the witchcraft community, usually by uneducated imbiciles who call themsleves a witch. I really did enjoy reading this one and definitely wouldn't mind reading future books like this by the same if not similar authors.