How to Send Smashwords Your W8-BEN Form

The IRS requires Smashwords to collect a W8-BEN form from you before we can provide you a reduced tax withholding rate. Without a completed W8-BEN, Smashwords must withhold 30% of your earnings to remit to the IRS.  Click here to read our complete FAQ and checklist on how to obtain the tax treaty benefit.

Before you can fill out the W8-BEN, you must obtain either an ITIN or SSN from the IRS. If Smashwords receives a form without this information, we cannot reduce your withholding rate.

On line 8 of your W8-BEN, please provide your Smashwords user email address and username in the "reference numbers" field.

Once your form is completed, please send it to the address below.


Instructions: remember to include your Smashwords screen name and email address on line 8 of your W8-BEN form.

Smashwords, Inc.
Attn:  Tax Compliance Dept. 
15951 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 16
Los Gatos, CA   95032   USA  

We do not accept faxed or emailed submissions.

Once we receive and process your form, you will see your new withholding rate reflected on your Payee page. Please allow up to five weeks for processing because we process the forms in batches.