Smashwords Distribution Information Page

How Smashwords Distributes Ebooks

(and how to get fast tracked into the Smashwords Premium Catalog)

(rev. 12/12/18)

This page describes how Smashwords distributes ebooks to a growing network of online retailers, mobile app platforms and affiliates. Of the 500,000+ original ebooks we publish, over 400,000 are in our Premium Catalog.  These are the titles we distribute to major ebook retailers and library platforms.

Please carefully study this page to learn what you, as the author or publisher, can do to maximize the distribution of your books.

Smashwords offers three primary catalogs, our Premium Catalog, our Standard Catalog and our Atom/OPDS Catalog.

1. Premium Catalog (Reaches Global Retailers and Libraries): Once your book is accepted into the Premium Catalog, we automatically distribute it to major online retailers.  Notable retailers in the Smashwords distribution network include Apple (operates Apple Books stores in 51 countries), Barnes & Noble (US and UK), Scribd, Kobo, and Blio.  Our industry-leading library distribution reaches OverDrive (world's largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries), Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Tolino, Gardners (Askews & Holts and Browns Books for Students), Bibliotheca CloudLibrary (3,000 public libraries), Odilo (2,100 public libraries in North America, South America and Europe) and Califa's Enki (powers ebook checkout systems for over 100 California libraries). 

Partners that power multiple stores:  Some of our partners mentioned above power, supply or operate additional digital storefronts.  For the sake of clarification, the distribution partners above are "Primary" partners, and if they operate, supply or power other stores, the stores are "Secondary" stores.  These secondary stores further extend the reach of the Smashwords distribution network.  Please note that the stores operated by our partners change frequently.  If you're opted in to one of the primary stores above, your books may automatically flow to any secondary stores they launch, supply or power.   This is a good thing assuming you have world rights to your books, as most self-published authors and publishers do (if you do not have world rights, or if you need to block distribution to certain territories, please contact the Smashwords Support team for instructions on how to block by territory). Although we will endeavor to update the listings below from time to time, please note that the list may be incomplete.  Here's a summary of secondary stores.  

Kobo powers the ebook stores of multiple ebook retailers around the world.  Simply by distributing to Kobo via Smashwords, your books will also reach Walmart, WH Smith in the UK, FNAC in France and Portugal, Livraria Cultura in Brazil, Angus & Robertson Bookworld in Australia, Bookworld in Australia, Indigo in Canada, Collins in Australia, Feltrinelli in Italy, in the Netherlands, Paper Plus in New Zealand, Play in Great Britain, Rakuten in Japan, (now Rakuten) in the US, PriceMinister in France, Crossword and WHSmith in India, Eason & Son, Ltd in Ireland, Mondadori in Italy, The Paper Plus Group in New Zealand, National Book Store in the Philippines, Pick 'N Pay in South Africa, La Central in Spain, Dogan in Turkey, participating Booksellers Association Stores in the UK, and participating American Booksellers Association stores in the US, and Orbile in Mexico (Orbile is a partnership between two large Mexican book retailers, Porrúa and Gandhi).

Baker & Taylor operates Blio, an ebook store and also operates Axis360, a major supplier of ebook checkout systems to public libraries.

Gardners, also mentioned above, powers hundreds of small white label ebook stores; operates which powers ecommerce operations for hundreds of physical stores; operates Askews & Holts, a large supplier of ebooks to public libraries in the UK and other countries; and operates VLeBooks which powers ebook checkout systems for academic libraries.

Tolino is a powerhouse in Germany, powering various retailers that account for approximately 50% of the German ebook market.  The retailers served by Smashwords' distribution agreement with Tolino include Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel /,, Mayersche, Osiander, Libri, Standaard Boekhandel  and IBS.

Smashwords retailers and library partners require certain mechanical standards, such as a quality book cover image, a proper copyright notice at the top of your book, and other common sense requirements outlined below. Books that meet the requirements of our distribution partners, as outlined in the Smashwords Style Guide and below, are eligible for acceptance into the Smashwords Premium Catalog.  If you're a serious author or publisher, you want your books included in Smashwords Premium Catalog! We're here to help you meet the requirements, most of which are straightforward and will help you produce a more professionally formatted and designed ebook.

Smashwords authors and publishers can control their distribution channels from the Smashwords Dashboard's Channel Manager tool. 

2.  Standard Catalog:  Prior to uploading your book to Smashwords, study and implement the formatting requirements of Smashwords Style Guide.  The moment your book completes conversion, it's available for sampling and sale in the Smashwords Store.  Although Premium Catalog approval is not required to sell in the Smashwords Store, we do require that when you upload your book to Smashwords, you certify your book satisfies the copyright and content requirements outlined in the Smashwords Terms of Service.  The Smashwords Terms of Service is the contract between Smashwords and our authors and publishers.  Books that violate the Terms of Service will be removed, and gross violations will result in immediate account closure and forfeiture of any accrued sales.  We expect authors and publishers at Smashwords to act professionally.

3. Atom/OPDS Catalog (Reaches Major Mobile App Platforms): This catalog contains all the books for sale at To qualify for distribution in our Atom/OPDS Catalog, an author or publisher is simply required to abide by the Smashwords Terms of Service. Software developers can learn more about the OPDS specification here, and can access the Smashwords Atom/OPDS feed here. If you are a developer of mobile apps, and would like to receive the Smashwords catalog, please click the "?" support link at the top of the page.


Quick Checklist to Help Authors/Publishers Maximize Distribution

  1. Format your book to the Smashwords Style Guide.  If you don't have the time, patience or ability to do it on your own, you can hire a low-cost formatter from "Mark's List."

  2. We accept Word .doc (recommended!).  Since 2012 we welcome direct uploads of professionally designed .epub files as part of our Smashwords Direct feature (Please note:  Smashwords Direct has some limitations, such as no additional file format options for readers and no online sampling in the Smashwords Store.  Carefully read the Smashwords Direct documentation for recommendations on how to overcome limitations if you're going to upload an .epub).

  3. After you upload your book and the conversion completes, you will receive a confirmation email.  Check the email for AutoVetter messages.  AutoVetter is our automated formatting scanner which helps you quickly identify potential formatting problems.  You can also view AutoVetter messages by clicking to your Dashboard and then click the hyperlink under the "Premium Status" column.  If you see AutoVetter messages, correct them immediately.  That page will contain further instructions.

  4. Visit your Channel Manager and make sure you're opted in to all the channels where you want your book distributed

  5. Attach an ISBN to your book utilizing your Dashboard's ISBN Manager (ISBNs are required for Apple and Kobo)

  6. If your book is part of a series, attach it to a series using the Smashwords Series Manager tool found in your Dashboard.  Series Manager increases the discoverability of series books at our retail partners!
  7. Download Adobe Digital Editions so you can review your .epub file.  EPUB is the file format we distribute to all the retailers.  Check the NCX (the Table of Contents in the left pane of Adobe Digital Editions).  If it's not properly formed, see Step 20 in the Smashwords Style Guide for our troubleshooting tips.  By you checking and repairing your file before we review it, you maximize the odds your book is approved on the first review.

  8. The information below provides additional information on how the distribution process works at Smashwords, and what you can do to achieve the fastest, widest distribution for your book.



Since July 27, 2013, Smashwords has supported preorder distribution to Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  Preorders make it possible for your customers to reserve a copy of your book in advance of your official publication date.  At Apple Books and Kobo, accumulated orders credit all at once on the publication date, which you set, and this can cause your book to spike in the retailer's bestseller lists.  Preorders also allow your book to go onsale at multiple retailers at the same time. Another advantage is that preorders enable more effective advance marketing.  There are many other benefits to preorders.  Learn more about preorders at the Smashwords blog, or at our Preorder Help page.


Status of Amazon

Although we have a distribution agreement with Amazon via their Kindle Direct Platform, they're unable to receive our entire catalog.  In the meantime, we're only distributing a few hundred titles to Amazon out of our catalog of over 500,000. We understand that many Smashwords authors would prefer the convenience of consolidating their distribution to Amazon via Smashwords, rather than uploading direct to Amazon.  If your book has earned over $2,000 at Smashwords retailers and you would prefer to consolidate your distribution via Smashwords to Amazon as opposed to uploading direct with them, please click the "support" link at the bottom of this page and let us know you're in the $2,000 club and would like to be considered for our distribution to Amazon.


What are "Retailer Tickets"?

Some retailers will manually review every book before they list it in their store.  If Apple rejects a book, they generate a "ticket" which they pass on to Smashwords.  In December 2013, Smashwords integrated these tickets into your Smashwords Dashboard.  If you have a ticket, click the link to learn the problem.  After you repair the problem, Smashwords will reship your book to Apple.  In the future, if other retailers begin sharing tickets with Smashwords, those tickets will be integrated here as well.  Learn more about tickets on our Ticket Help page.


What is the Smashwords Premium Catalog?

This Premium Catalog represents a subset of Smashwords titles that match the mechanical requirements of our online distribution partners. When you upload your book for the first time, it is automatically considered for the Premium Catalog and for distribution to our retailers if it satisfies the mechanical requirements.

Smashwords distributes Premium Catalog ebooks to the major online retailers and library partners mentioned above.


Does Your Book Qualify?

If you carefully follow the instructions, it's fast and easy to gain inclusion in the Premium Catalog.

Not all Smashwords books will automatically qualify for distribution on their first attempt. To qualify, the books must meet simple mechanical requirements (see "Criteria for Inclusion" below) required by our retailers. The requirements do not reflect a judgment of the quality, marketability or topic of your work.


How We Evaluate Books for the Premium Catalog (and how you can fast track your books!)

All books go through a two step evaluation process, including Smashwords Direct books. Step one is automated, and step two is manual inspection.

In step one, we run an automated filter we call AutoVetter that checks to see if you followed the Smashwords Style Guide. AutoVetter provides you immediate feedback after you publish or make changes, and will guide you on how to correct obvious problems that will prevent you from gaining inclusion in the catalog. The moment your book completes conversion, you'll see the AutoVetter messages (if any) on-screen, and we'll also email you the messages.  Books that pass the AutoVetter screen are then given fast-track priority for the second, manual stage of evaluation.

Step two is a manual inspection. We review fast-track books first, so most fast-track books are usually approved for the catalog within a few business days.

Updating your book before Premium Catalog Approval:  Feel free to continue to update the book if you discover formatting errors, or if you want to make changes to the associated metadata (things like the book description, price, sampling rates, author name, etc.).  If you see a button that appears, "Resubmit to Premium Catalog," click it because that's your way of telling us you want these new updates delivered to retailers. 

Updating your book after Premium Catalog Approval:  After your book is approved, you can still continue to make changes and updates as necessary.  Changes to previously approved books are usually reviewed same-day during normal business hours.


Criteria for Inclusion in The Smashwords Premium Catalog

The Smashwords Style Guide is your best resource for understanding Premium Catalog requirements.  The information below summarizes some of what you'll find in the Style Guide. Even if your book is initially accepted into the Catalog, we may remove it later if we discover it doesn't meet the following criteria. All Smashwords authors and publishers are urged to review these requirements and make the necessary updates.

Formatting - If your book doesn't follow the recommendations of the Smashwords Style Guide - - we cannot add it to the Premium Catalog. As suggested above, download your epub file using Adobe Digital Editions and see how it looks.  You'll find a summary of common formatting errors lower on this page.

EPUB - EPUB is one of the many formats Smashwords produces after you upload your Microsoft Word source file. If you carefully format your book to the requirements of the Smashwords Style Guide, it will produce an EPUB file ready for distribution. If you don't make EPUB available as an option, we can't distribute your book.  In order for your book to ship to Apple, the EPUB we produce for you must pass Epubcheck, the industry-standard validator for EPUB files.  See the Style Guide for more information about EPUBCHECK. You'll also find information in our FAQ in the Apple section.

Book title - Some Smashwords authors and publishers have developed a bad habit of screwing up their title by adding words not related to the title, such as, *Joe's Memoir (half off for one more day only!)*. Don't bastardize your title because it'll disqualify you from the Premium Catalog. Also don't spam keywords within your title, such as *Joe's Memoir (memoir, growing up in New York City, coming of age).  Similarly, don't do your titles in ALL CAPS. It's okay if it's ALL CAPS on your book cover, but not the metadata that displays on the site.  Also avoid using "quote marks" in the title.

Book description - You must have a complete, professional-looking book description. If your description is written in ALL CAPS, we'll flag it for repair. If your book description contains information not related to the description, such as "Use XYZ123 Coupon Code for 1/2 off now!" or "Visit my website for a free PDF" we will flag it. Update your book description by clicking to "settings" from within your Dashboard.  Never including pricing information in your description.

Book cover - Required as a JPG or PNG image file. Must display the front cover of your book only, and the front cover should include the book title and author name. Your book must have a book-like cover, because bookstores use your cover to merchandise your book in their online store. The ideal cover image is a vertical rectangle shape (like a book) with approximate dimensions of 1,600 pixels wide by 2,400 pixels tall. The minimum width is 1,400 pixels.  Images cannot be square or three dimensional.  For a helpful overview of possible cover dimensions, please visit our blog post on New Smashwords Cover Image Requirements.   If your title is obscene or pornographic, we will reject it. It should not contain nudity, whether photographic or illustrated, and should not depict one person perpetrating harm upon another, or any other forms of graphic violence. As a general rule, keep your covers PG-13.  Covers should not list the retail price, or advertise content or supplemental material not included within the book. If our retail partners object to anything, they will refuse to display your book. If your cover will give readers nightmares, it's probably not okay. :) If you can't create your own cover, send an email to for a referral to a low cost cover designer.  You'll find additional information on covers in our Smashwords Cover Image FAQ.

Copyright page - See tip 21b in the Style Guide for an example of how it should look. Your book must have a copyright page that designates the author as the copyright holder. It's not enough to list "By AuthorName." We want to see the words, Copyright Authorname Year. See the Style Guide for a sample, or see the examples below. We recommend that your copyright page contain one of the following phrases (you decide what works best for you): "Smashwords Edition" (without the quotes) or "Published by [the name of the author or publisher publishing it on Smashwords] at Smashwords" (without the quotes), or "Distributed by Smashwords" without the quotes.  Note that these phrases are recommended but not required.

Here are a couple simple examples of short and sweet title/copyright pages:

Memoir of a Happy Kitten

by Buster Bulldog

Copyright 2018 Buster Bulldog

Smashwords Edition



Another good example


The Joy of Formatting

Published by Norma Forma at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Norma Forma

"Published by" - If the body of your ebook says, "Published by CreateSpace," or "Printed in the United States," you should remove that verbiage. We love print books too, but remember your print book is different from your ebook, so don't confuse your readers. Your ebook is published by you (the author or publisher), not the printer or publishing services provider you used. You're welcome to tell customers where the print version is available. See the Style Guide for guidelines.

Links to Ebook Retailers - Smashwords will distribute your book to multiple retailers.  Out of courtesy to the retailers and their customers, your book cannot contain hyperlinks pointing to Amazon or other retailers.  Such links confuse customers.  Imagine, for example, someone purchases your book from the Barnes & Noble store on their Nook, and at the end of the book you point them to Amazon for your other books.  Such a customer can't purchase or read Amazon books on their Nook.  It's also unfair to the retailer.  The Style Guide has guidelines on how to provide acceptable hyperlinks to your other books.  It's okay to link to your Smashwords author page or book page (since we're your publishing platform and distributor) or link to your personal web site or blog.  It's also not a bad idea to add a generic statement at the end of your book such as, "Enjoy these other [Author Name] titles at fine ebook retailers everywhere."

ISBNs - Smashwords provides FREE ISBNs. Go to the Smashwords ISBN Manager for more information. While ISBNs are not required to publish at Smashwords, or to gain inclusion in the Premium Catalog, they are required for Smashwords distribution to major retailers and library partners such as Apple Books, Kobo, Gardners, Tolino and Odilo. An ISBN is a digital identifier that helps identify your book within the book industry supply chain. If you have an ISBN for your print version of your book, DO NOT provide it as the ISBN for your ebook. Ebooks require different ISBNs, tied to each format you're distributing via retailers.  At Smashwords we only distribute the EPUB format, so we only need one ISBN.  You can use a free ISBN from Smashwords, or you're welcome to use your own ISBN as long as it hasn't been used elsewhere on another version of your book.

Complete Work - Smashwords only publishes and distributes complete works. If your book is a partial sample of a book or a work-in-progress, we cannot publish it.

Meets Smashwords TOS - The Smashwords Terms ofService is our contract with you. The TOS outlines what Smashwords will publish and what we will not. For example, we require all books listed on Smashwords to be original works, published on Smashwords by the author or the exclusive digital publisher. We do not accept public domain books, or books that appear elsewhere on the Internet under other authors' bylines such as Private Label Rights Books. We also don't like scammy "Get Rich Quick" books that offer "systems" for making money on the Internet. As we review all Smashwords books for Premium Catalog consideration, we'll remove books that don't meet the standards for originality. Read the updated Smashwords TOS at

Updates - If you make updates to anything other than price after we ship your books to retailers, your new updates may require review by our vetting team before the updates can ship to retailers. Until your updates are approved, the prior approved version will ship. Updates include things such as changes to your title, changes to your book description, changes to your book, or new cover images.

Refer to the Smashwords Style Guide for the most up-to-date formatting requirements.


Most Common Reason Books Don't Make the Premium Catalog

Poor Formatting
Please carefully follow all formatting requirements in the Style Guide. If you uploaded the same file you used for your print book, we can't accept it. Remember, we're trying to help you create a good looking ebook. Ebooks require different formatting. Common problem: More than five consecutive paragraph returns, anywhere in your manuscript. This creates blank ebook pages in small-screened devices. Activate Microsoft Word's "Show/hide" feature to clearly identify these formatting errors (the Style Guide shows you how).

Improperly Formed NCX
An NCX is part of your .epub file, and it provides useful navigation for your readers.  Kobo requires you to have at least a two-part NCX.  Apple also prefers and in some cases requires an NCX.   Check your NCX by downloading Adobe Digital Editions.  ADE does a great  job of showing you your NCX (it'll appear in the left side of the window when you open your .epub file).  See Step 20 in the Smashwords Style Guide for screen shots of the NCX, as well as tips on how to create them and trouble shoot them.  Watch our video on how to add navigation to a Smashwords ebook:

Epubcheck is an industry-standard tool that checks your .epub file for compliance to the .epub standard.  Apple requires 100% compliance, as does Smashwords for Premium Catalog inclusion.  Meatgrinder automatically repairs many epubcheck errors, but is unable to automatically repair all of them.  Epubcheck errors are difficult to decypher.   To learn how to fix your epubcheck errors, visit our EPUBCHECK Troubleshooting page.

Missing Proper First Line Paragraph Indents and/or Block Styles
If you don't add the visual cues to distinguish one paragraph from the next, your paragraphs will run together and become unreadable. Your readers won't know where one paragraph ends and the next begins. This is mostly common sense, yet it's one of the most common mistakes. Books are composed of paragraphs. At the end of each paragraph you finish the last sentence with a period and then hit the Enter key. There are two primary ways that authors create the visual cues to separate their paragraphs, the first line paragraph indent, or the block paragraph.

*Use ONLY ONE METHOD, not both*

First line paragraph indent: The first line of each paragraph is indented. This is the most common way paragraphs are separated in traditional print books, and it's a good method for most types of ebooks as well.

Block paragraph: The second method is the block paragraph method, which is what we use on this page you're reading now. To create a block paragraph in Microsoft Word, modify your paragraph style to define a trailing "after" space after each paragraph, measured in points such as "6 pt." This adds padding between the paragraphs, and makes paragraphs easy to read. DO NOT create block paragraphs by placing a paragraph return on an empty line between the two blocks.

Missing Proper Front Matter/ Copyright Page
See (Step 21b) of the Smashwords Style Guide for a clear examples of how to do it. Make sure your book contains the copyright page. It's very important you assert your right to publish. In addition to containing the phrase "Copyright [author or publisher name] [year]".  Although not required, we recommend your front matter mentions that this is your Smashwords Edition, or that the book is published by you at Smashwords or Distributed by Smashwords.

Missing an Appropriate Book Cover

If you don't have a book cover, you can't get in the catalog. A book cover image should be a vertical (upright) book-like image, not a square or horizontal (sideways) image or three dimensional image. The book cover should be at least 1,400 pixels wide.  The title of your book and the author's name should be listed on the cover. If you can't create your own cover, ask for a low cost referral (see below).  Visit our cover image FAQ for complete guidelines and tips.

Font Size Error
Do not use fonts or paragraph styles that define larger than 20 pt type.  Beware, just because you shrink a font on screen doesn't mean you fixed the problem.  If the underlying paragraph style defines a large font, you should modify the underlying style.  Contact our support team if you need help fixing the issue.

Mistakes in Table of Contents

Do not include page numbers in your table of contents. It's a sure sign you ignored the Smashwords Style Guide. If you want a linked Table of Contents, DO NOT use Word's TOC fields. Instead, use Word's "bookmark" feature, which you'll find documented in the Style Guide.  See Step 20 in the Smashwords Style Guide for detailed instructions on how to build good navigation into your ebook.

Waiting for You to Resubmit
If your book was previously flagged for modifications and you corrected the problem, please be sure to return to the Dashboard and click the link, "Needs submission" and then click the resubmit button on the other side. This is your way of telling us you finished your revisions and you're ready for us to review your book again.

Metadata Mistakes
Metadata is information attached to your book, like your author name or your book description. If your author name is lower cased, like lilywhite lilith, we'll flag your book and ask you to fix it. All author/publisher names should be Initial Caps, so... Lilywhite Lilith and NOT ALL CAPS such as LILYWHITE LILITH. In the book description, avoid using ALL CAP words, otherwise we'll flag it. Don't mention temporary promotions or coupon codes, because our retailers cannot honor them. Also, don't mention prices in your book description (your book will be priced in multiple currencies once we distribute it) and don't include web addresses.


What to do if your book is flagged during our manual Premium Catalog review

First, don't hate us!  :)  Remember, we're trying to help you satisfy the requirements of retailers, and create the most professional, reader-pleasing book possible.

If your book doesn't make the first cut, it probably means you didn't follow the Smashwords Style Guide, or you didn't follow the recommendations on this page. To update the book, upload it via the "upload new version" link in your Dashboard.

Please exercise common sense. The mechanical requirements for inclusion in the Premium Catalog make your books more accessible, more discoverable, more professional and more enjoyable to readers.  And that's the point, right?

Many great Smashwords authors and publishers don't make it into the Premium Catalog on their first attempt. Don't take it personally.  We're here to help you get in.  Contact our support team via the "Support" link below and we'll help you!

Get a Referral to an Ebook Formatter or Cover Image Designer

Mark Coker has created a short list of Smashwords authors who provide low cost formatting and cover design services for fellow Smashwords authors. To see the list go to We don't receive a referral fee, and we cannot warrant their work. We provide this list as a service to you.  The reason we recommend them is because other Smashwords authors have been satisfied with them. Also understand that you're hiring them, not Smashwords, and your payment to them does not entitle you to special fast-track handling of your book or priority customer service.


Fixing Your Book

If our reviewer doesn't accept the book or revision into the Premium Catalog, they provide you guidance regarding the recommended next steps you can take to gain inclusion. You will find the reason for your title's rejection in your Dashboard by clicking on the "Requires Modification" hyperlink under the Premium Status column.

Please note that our reviewers are only human, which means sometimes they'll make a mistake.  Their recommendations are not the word of God.  If you disagree with their recommendation, or you're confused by it, please contact our support team by clicking the "support" link at the bottom of any Smashwords page.

From your Dashboard, you can view your "Premium Status." You will either see the words, "Approved," "Pending,""Requires Modification" or "Needs Submission."

Approved = Your book is in the Premium Catalog. Even though you made the cut, you should still review the above requirements in section 3 above, and double check that your book follows the formatting requirements of the Smashwords Style Guide. If we later discover we approved you in error, we will remove you from the list until the problems are corrected.

Pending = We haven't evaluated your book yet. Please be patient. Trust us, we want to get your book into distribution just as quickly as you do!  Please don't email us to ask when your book will be evaluated. If your book has one or more AutoVetter error messages, fix the errors now, because otherwise it will delay or prevent us from manually reviewing your book.

Requires Modification = This will be a clickable link where you can learn what your next steps are. After you make the necessary modifications, you must submit your book for re-evaluation. The button to re-submit will not appear until you have made the modifications.

Needs Submission = This means we're waiting on you to complete the necessary tasks to re-submit your book.  Visit your book status page (click to Dashboard, then click the link under the "Premium Status" column to find the resubmit button.

If you carefully follow the instructions above, and you follow the guidelines of the Smashwords Style Guide, you'll have no problem gaining quick inclusion into the Premium Catalog.


Quick Facts:

Cost - There is no cost to be included in the catalog, just as there is no cost to publish or distribute with Smashwords.

Your Earnings - See our earnings FAQ in the Support Center for detailed information on how your earnings are calculated.  For sales through our retail distribution network, you'll usually earn 60% of the retail price for all prices $.99 and up, with a few exceptions for overseas sales through Kobo.  For libraries, you'll usually earn 45% of the list price.  Your highest royalty rate will usually come from the Smashwords store, which pays up to 80% list depending on cart size.

Pricing - You control pricing at most retailers. Check out your Dashboard's Pricing Manager tool, which makes it easy to manage retailer and library pricing.

Sales Reporting, Royalty Payments - Although the Smashwords store provides you real-time sales reporting, most of our retail partners report sales on a delayed basis.  Check out the Daily Reports tool in your Dashboard. It provides same-day reporting for Barnes & Noble and next-day reporting for Apple Books, Kobo and OverDrive.  Keep in mind that we will often report sales in advance of those sales becoming payable to you.  See your Dashboard's Sales & Payments report for additional information. 

Expected sales - Will you sell a lot of books? Unlikely. Although many Smashwords authors sell thousands of books each week and some sell thousands of copies daily, such sales levels are rare.  Some authors sell nothing at all.  The broad distribution provided by Smashwords, while essential to your success, is only the first step in reaching readers. It's up to you to publish an incredible book and generate demand for it.  Great books take readers to an emotionally satisfying extreme, and this necessity holds true whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction.  Great books generate word-of-mouth and average review ratings of 4.5 to 5 stars.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to read The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (IT'S FREE!), where we share the best practices of the most successful Smashwords authors.  With each best practice you implement, you will gain a competitive advantage.

Premium Catalog - You can check the status of your book by visiting your Dashboard. We are completely transparent about our criteria. Since we manually review thousands of books each week and we're only human, you can expect we will apply the criteria inconsistently. We ask for your patience. If your book is accepted, it could still later be rejected if we discover your book slipped through our manual and automated filters, or if we later modify the requirements based on retailer requests. If your book is rejected, fret not, we will do our best to notify you about the reason in your Dashboard and give you ample instructions on how remedy the situation.  If you think we rejected your book in error, please click "comments/questions," provide a hyperlink to the book in question, and describe why you think our vetting team was in error. We're here to help!

Ship Dates and Errors - Currently, we "ship" to most retailers multiple times each day. For Apple Books, for example, we ship 96 times daily.  For Barnes & Noble, we ship five days a week.  To view ship dates, go to your Dashboard and click the Channel Manager link. If your title misses a shipment, you'll make the next shipment. Our intention is to help every Smashwords author or publisher who wants distribution to receive it, but it is your responsibility to review the requirements. We're constantly working with our retailers to help them increase the speed and accuracy of their listings. The day we ship doesn't correspond to the day your book appears at the retailer. Books usually appear within one to five business days of shipment, though some retailers such as Apple are faster for non-erotic books (same day listings are common for Smashwords books at Apple), but slower for erotica books. Also expect glitches. Our retailers are processing updates on literally thousands of our books each week, so mistakes happen.  Please monitor your book's listings at retailers.  If you discover your book is listed incorrectly or mispriced ten days after we shipped an update to a retailer, don't contact the retailer.  Instead, here's how to notify Smashwords of retailer listing errors

Smashwords Direct - Smashwords Direct is a publishing option that allows you to upload pre-formatted, professionally designed EPUB files, rather than a Word .doc file.  Although Word .doc files are the best option for most authors, we're pleased to provide you a direct .epub upload option, especially if you have professionally designed .epub files. Carefully study the Smashwords Direct documentation before taking advantage of this option.

Prices - If you currently have your book set to "Reader sets the price," this pricing option is not supported by our retail partners. In this situation, we will give your book a price for their purposes. We'll set the default to $4.95 but you can also go to Dashboard: Settings to set the suggested list price at retail. Effective December 1, 2010, B&N will no longer accept Smashwords books that are priced at "Reader Sets the Price," so if you want distribution to B&N, select a normal fixed price option.  FREE books will also be distributed, and available to our retail partners' customers for free. Be sure to add a link in your book, preferably near the copyright page, listing a hyperlink back to your Smashwords author page so readers know where to find your other work.

Channel Manager - The Channel Manager appears in your Dashboard. This allows you to view and control the retail outlets that distribute your book. You'll be able to set suggested retail price, view the status of your book, or remove your book from a particular distribution outlet. This feature is in continuous development.

ISBNs - ISBNs are digital identifiers that help retailers and distributors keep track of your books. Your ebook ISBN must be different than your print ISBN. Smashwords provides free ISBNs, or you're welcome to purchase your own ISBNs from Bowker or your country's authorized ISBN registrar. To learn more, or to assign ISBNs to your books, visit the ISBN Manager. Smashwords retail partners Kobo and Apple require ISBNs. Other retail partners may assign other numeric identifiers to your book if you don't supply one.

Sampling - Each channel partner utilizes different sampling practices, and these practices may differ from the practices at Smashwords. For example, at Smashwords, if you choose 10% sampling, this means the first 10% of your book, from word one, is available as a free sample. Some retailers, however, maybe permit customers to sample 10% of any portion of your book, and they may allow them to sample a different 10% on another date. We will do our best to inform you of the individual sampling policies of each retailer. If you do not agree with the sampling policies, you can opt out of that retailer (we think the policies of our partners are fair and reasonable, so we doubt any Smashwords authors would want to opt out for this reason).

If you upload direct to some retailers - If you already uploaded your book direct to some retailers, you can opt out of Smashwords distribution for that retailer via your Dashboard's Channel Manager.  Better yet, consider consolidating your distribution via Smashwords.  By consolidating your distribution through Smashwords, you can spend more time writing and less time managing multiple direct upload platforms.  Smashwords gives you centralized control over your distribution.  If you want to update your price, do it once at Smashwords and the change will ripple out to all the retailers.  If you want to upload a new cover image, change your book description, or update your book's backmatter to reflect new releases (or update anything else!), do it once at Smashwords and we'll handle the updates to all the retailers.  You'll find that Smashwords often provides you tools and advantages you can't get by uploading direct.  For example, Smashwords authors can list preorders at Barnes & Noble, whereas direct uploaders to B&N cannot do this.  Smashwords pays 60% list for all prices $.99 and up at B&N, whereas direct uploaders earn only 40% list if their book is priced under $2.99 or over $10.00.  Smashwords' consolidates sales reports and consolidated year-end tax reporting are big time savers as well!

Timing - How long until your books appear in stores? - After your book is accepted into the Premium Catalog, your book will begin shipping out to retailers.  Most of our retailers receive shipments from Smashwords multiple times daily.  It usually takes retailers anywhere from a few hours (Apple Books) to one week to list new titles, though retailers are subject to backlogs and delays.  Check the Channel Manager link in your Dashboard for ship dates. Check the Channel Manager for updates.

Length - At present, our partners will take ebooks of all lengths. If this changes, we'll reflect it here and in the Channel Manager.  Our research indicates longer books are more popular with readers.

Thanks for publishing and distributing with Smashwords! Please tell a friend. Smashwords was created for your benefit, so please let us know how we can better serve you.

Mark Coker
Smashwords, Inc.

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