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My formative 5 years of life were in remote Canadian logging camps in Western Canada—some accessible only by boat or plane—where my parents worked as a logger (Dad) and a first aid attendant (My Little Mom: MLM). (Note: Genes passed down by Danish loggers and Mexican first aid attendants must not be underestimated.)

With only lumberjacks, grizzly bears and trees for company, I was a shy child. The sheltered childhood is, in itself, enough to justify the nuttiness in my noggin, but then I grew up and went into (insert scary music): real estate sales.

After 20 successful years in real estate and at the top of my career but with little savings, I did what any responsibly logical person would do: I had a not-quite-mid Life Crisis and ran away to Seattle to be a writer...under a secret alias name. Naturally!

And that's where I rewrote my life.

My Purpose: Entertain! Inspire! Be happy, damn it... (Free hugs.)

Smashwords Interview

What are your favorite books, and why?
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway ~ Susan Jeffers. We're all a bunch of scardey-chickens, this book taught me how to not let fear hold me back.
The Power of Now ~ Eckhart Tolle. All we have is this moment. Yeah, that one, and this one, too. Even when we want to throttle someone, we know this too shall pass. (Also: A New Earth Now. Though I'm hoping awareness and ego CAN co-exist.)
Man's Search For Meaning ~ Viktor Frankl. This dude found joy in a concentration camp! Hello, ultimate silver lining syndrome!
Anything by Alice Munro. She finds the light in our darkness and compels seeded emotion. I bow to Alice.
Anything by Karen Salmansohn. She writes self-help for people who wouldn't be caught dead doing self-help. And she's funny as hell.
What do you read for pleasure?! Short fiction. Anything on sex, love, health, psychology and relationships. Politics and current events, not so much.
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Me: A Rewrite
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 98,280. Language: English. Published: August 1, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Personal memoir
A comedic snippet of Anna’s alias life as she comes face-to-lasered-face with her aging face, furrowing brow, sagging butt and lack of “the one." Searching for authenticity, she considers Botox®, tests male-female friendships and tries to rev up to switch from Gucci to Goodwill in pursuit of creativity and… well, anything else! Warning: Swears, sarcasm, politically incorrect ramblings and TMI.

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