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There was never a time when the author could not remember being in love with airplanes. From the time he was the proud owner of a "Piggly Wiggly" pedal car with wings and a propeller that turned when you pumped it to his first flying lessons, and then his appointment as an Aviation Cadet.
The place to be was always "West Point of The Air" at Randolph Field, Texas. His goal was reached two years after the Second World War began and lasted for most of his life. His West Point like training began, not at Randolph, but at the University of Nevada and continued on through the University of Utah where he graduated in 1950.
Five years later he met and married Miss Savannah, Betty, his wife of 62 happy years. They are active members of the LDS Church and live in Washington, Utah. As he is fond of saying, "I never had it so good."

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