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Chris Almeida (C. Almeida) began writing children’s stories at a very young age. Chris’ life took a totally different course when technology came into play, and the next 17years were spent delving deep into the world of programming and web design.
It was in 2010, when Chris began role playing online, as a hobby, that writing wormed its way back into the picture. This time, writing storylines for the role playing group. The ideas and plots created for the game awoke the inner writer and a few months later, together with, partner in crime, Cecilia Aubrey, began writing romantic erotica.
Now, together, they have created a number of short stories, are currently working on a book series and have several projects on the side lines. Through it all they have continued to enjoy role playing through their favorite characters.

Cecilia Aubrey’s (C. Aubrey) writing has been included in business publications and communications for several years. A year ago, Cecilia took on the role of a character in an online role playing group, and met partner, C. Almeida. The development of story ideas, research, writing and participation in bringing those stories to life spurred a desire to take writing to a higher level. A few months later, a new passion was formed and together with Chris Almeida, they began writing romantic erotica. Inspired by the works of many Romance, Paranormal and Erotica authors, the majority of Cecilia’s free time is spent in collaboration with Chris on a number of short stories and several writing projects including an Erotic, Romance Suspense book series. For fun and inspiration, they have continued to bring their favorite role play characters and stories to life.

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