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Craig Shaw Gardner
Latest book: Scheherazade's Night Out.
Published September 25, 2021.
Kim M. Watt
Latest book: All Out of Leeds: a DI Adams Mystery.
Published May 3, 2024.
Olivia Atwater
Latest book: The Witchwood Knot.
Published November 28, 2023.
R.J. Blain
Latest book: Experimental Voyage.
Pre-release—available December 25, 2024.

Smashwords book reviews by CoastalSloth

  • Game of Scones - a Cozy Mystery (with Dragons) on Jan. 17, 2024

    A well-written, well-edited, charming first book to a series that I first read as “oh, a bit of fluff!” and find myself rereading two years later, just to spend some time in the world. Recommended for those who like silly mixed with their serious and enjoy a bit of magic, yet like coherent stories and well-tracking tales.