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Craig Machen was raised on and off in Oklahoma, with stops along the southeast coast of Florida and central Arizona. A life long book, movie, and rock-n-roll fan, he got his start, and a healthy dose of inspiration, working concert security in high school, and later from a college job at the Improv Comedy Clubs in Tempe and San Diego.

After graduation, Craig moved his young family to Los Angeles and became a story analyst for Miramax, New Regency, Jersey Films, Robert Redford’s Wildwood Productions, Turner Pictures and finally the Jim Henson Company, where he got his break as a screenwriter.

A new career as a professional writer allowed him to be a stay at home dad while his kids were growing up, which has easily been the greatest joy of his life.

In 15 years of writing for Hollywood, Craig has worked for Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films, Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures, the WB, Jim Henson Pictures, Warner Brothers TV, Paramount Television, Spelling Television, Tollin-Robbins Productions, VH-1, Viacom, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, and many others. He also wrote the award winning movie WASTED for MTV, and the Zac Efron show SUMMERLAND.

In 2009, as his oldest son was preparing to head off to college in Oklahoma, Craig turned away from screenwriting and began his new memoir, STILL LIFE WITH BRASS POLE. At its heart, it's about the things that made him want to be a dad, but the logline is basically, "Young love and coming of age in the strip clubs." Part love story, part maturation tome, and part deconstruction of the titillation business, Still Life With Brass Pole is a funny, debauched, and totally heartfelt story about a kid with roaring White Knight Complex on a demented quest for a family of his own.

Craig is currently hammering away again in Hollywood, and working on THE PAGAN AND THE PREACHER, a left/right examination of faith and culture co-authored with Dr. Travis Collins (Tough Calls, Directionally Challenged). Craig and Travis - who are great friends and total opposites - have a popular blog called ON THE FENCE WITH JESUS, where they discuss everything under the sun from their perspectives as a skeptical screenwriter and a Christian minister.

Craig is a huge dog lover, a poor, but enthusiastic surfer, a pretty good guitar player, and a man who needs to write a shorter bio. He also holds an unused Marketing degree from Arizona State University. His diploma is signed by former governor and convicted felon, Fife Symington.

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  • Grundish and Askew on Aug. 07, 2011

    Was pleasantly surprised by this one. Had no idea what to expect, and it turned out to be quite good. More scatological then I prefer (and to be clear, this book is very scatological), but Lance Carbuncle is likable - and also comically absurd, self-effacing, and fun to read. A good book by a talented and quirky writer.