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I’m Ella Ardent and I love stories of passion, romance and happily-ever-after. I’ve been writing and publishing my stories since 2011 when Rex appeared in my imagination and launched my publishing adventure. When I’m not writing or dreaming about my stories, I’m planning trips, trying new recipes or dancing barefoot with my husband.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
The Phoenix series evolved out of my Plume series. The Plume was a private BDSM club and I wrote 9 stories set there, following a group of characters on their erotic and amorous adventures. We started by meeting Joanna (in Submission) when she entered the club for the first time, and ended with Joanna getting her HEA with Mike (in Celebration). Joanna's journey framed the story, but along the way, there were other characters with their own stories - the owners of the club, Rex and Athena, for example - along with the rise and fall of the club itself. At the end of Celebration (spoiler alert!), the Plume was no more.

BUT Athena and Rex were still only happy-for-now, and I wasn't done with the games people played at the Plume. Athena suggested in Celebration that she and Rex should establish a new club called the Phoenix. The Phoenix would continue the business of fulfilling client fantasies, but do so at multiple locations around the globe. The party in Celebration occurs when the new plans are unveiled to all the Plume clients. The Phoenix begins with Revealed, then continues with the current release, Harnessed. Next up is Hunted, and then Haunted. I'm enjoying the challenge of building a new organization and network of characters, as well as exploring different fantasies. The books all are erotic, but include romantic elements. Some of them are romances.
What is your writing process?
I write daily. I begin by editing what I wrote the day before. That refreshes the story in my mind. Then I write more new scenes, as many as I can. Repeat, repeat, repeat, until the story is done. Once in a while, I'll write the ending before getting to it, but usually I write from beginning to end, one scene at a time.
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