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Darien Laurant
Latest book: Kama Nocturne. Published December 21, 2013. (5.00 from 1 review)
Wayne Mansfield
Latest book: The Kiss. Published March 16, 2019.
Evangeline Fox
Latest book: Futanari Lover. Published February 6, 2019.
Val St. Crowe
Latest book: Code Blood. Published November 29, 2018.
Holly Rayner
Latest book: The Billionaire's Christmas Bundle of Joy. Published September 5, 2017.
Fancy Dewitt
Latest book: Jasmine Passion. Published July 18, 2016.
W.M. Kirkland
Latest book: A Man's Sword. Published December 22, 2018.
Jove Chambers
Latest book: Right. Published July 21, 2018.
Carolyn Faulkner
Latest book: Male Order Bride. Published February 6, 2015.
Paul Westwood
Latest book: The Dead are Sleeping. Published March 11, 2019.
Lynn Wood
Latest book: The Young Madonna. Published April 7, 2017.
Lily Reynard
Latest book: Guarding the Countess. Published February 28, 2019.
Mari Carr
Latest book: Secret Scandal. Published September 4, 2016.
Lucinda Elliot
Latest book: Ravensdale. Published April 27, 2017.
C.C. Courtland
Latest book: The Kitchen. Published August 14, 2018.
J.M. Parry
Latest book: Emissary of Freedom (Hearts of Amaranth #4). Published October 14, 2013.
Kevin Thorne
Latest book: Lesser Monsters. Published March 26, 2015.
F. A. Rogers
Latest book: Maralie. Published August 13, 2015. (3.00 from 1 review)
Nicole Grane
Latest book: Tokens from Juliet. Published May 19, 2014.
Cassie Wright
Latest book: The Seduction of Circe. Published December 23, 2013.
Julia Leijon
Latest book: The Warm Taste. Published August 29, 2016.
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