Jessica Hoffman

Smashwords book reviews by Jessica Hoffman

  • Forced to Birth the Lycan's Litter on Oct. 07, 2023

    A monster story, great sign me up, A force breeding, also sign me up, pregnancy and birthing sign me up. It needed to be longer for me. I would have liked it if it had been a few years later and Susie was pregnant again.
  • Forced to Birth the Gargoyle's Clutch on Oct. 07, 2023

    Damn you, i need to change underwear now. Very good but I want it longer, maybe do a sequel series for this novella. Please !!!! I love the whole forced breeding part, more than the birthing side but it was still very good.
  • Forced to Birth the Dragon's Brood on Oct. 07, 2023

    Can we get a sequel of this dragon and his mate? I love it all.
  • Forced to Birth the Centaur's Foal on Oct. 07, 2023

    Again, needs to be longer. However, it was still good to read.
  • Forced to Birth the Demon's Spawn on Oct. 07, 2023

    Loved the forced breeding part but the birthing scene was not good for me.